Activities include, but are not limited to fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts-large and small, river tubing, whitewater rafting, dinner, dancing, hiking, and sand volleyball events.
If you are newly single, new to the area, or simply want to enlarge your circle of single friends, ISO40 is a great way to meet others in a non-threatening, non a€?meat marketa€? atmosphere. While members can and do date, this is NOT a dating site, and a€?Hound  Doga€? type behavior, or any inappropriate communication is not tolerated. We also require an actual name as your screen name--how you want to be addressed in person.

If you are single and would like to meet other local singles with the intention of achieving your relationship goal than this group is for you! We will be having great time's and enjoying all different kinds of events such as Happy hours, dinners, live music, dancing, and local events! You should be the only person in the photo--or it should at least be obvious as to which person you are), It needs to be a normal sized (non-thumbnail pic). This is a group for singles that enjoy having an "adult" night out with fun people, great conversation, and maybe even a drink or two.

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