SMH: TWO SISTERS WANTED WIZ KHALIFA CONCERT TICKETS SO BAD THEY DECIDE TO MAKE OUT WITH EACH OTHER TO GET THEM. I know my friends will disagree with me, and you kids will think I am an old prude,  but I really think there should be more abstinence from sex , the intercourse part of it. What I don’t understand is that it really takes a while for a woman to get to know her body. If you are not in a caring relationship and you are under 18 do you really think you are ready for SEX? All the different acts you can do without intercourse… But really,  I would stick to the first 3 bases.

In the old days parents sent there kids out of the house because they were ashamed of their unwed teenage pregnant daughter. When you choose to go all the way and you maybe aren’t in love ask your self if you really can trust this other person to take care of you if you get scared or embarrassed later. Another reality is that it costs a lot to have a baby, not just the medical bills during the pregnancy, but the support of the child after it’s born.
It may feel new and different, but wait for the really good stuff that you will find later when you have privacy and you don’t have to sneak around and lie about where you were. You CAN get pregnant if he pulls out… Do not even rub too close if you have no protection.

It may be tempting, but so is that piece of Cake and you don’t eat a whole Pizza do you?

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