Tagbeep is a really cool and efficient tool that checks your website at a scanning interval of your choice.
Host Tracker is a great monitoring tool that has the ability of checking the website every 30 minutes. This service checks your website at regular intervals to ensure that your customers and users are able to reach your website.
This awesome all-in-one, Web and Cloud systems monitoring service allows monitoring the avilability and resposnse time of your website. As the name suggests, this service offers free all year around monitoring of your website or server from their vast monitoring network across the globe.
With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. Unless you want to manually check every client site every hour or so, every day, all hours of the day, you need a better plan. There are additional features that some services offer, such as the ability to publicly display your uptime stats on your website that are really just gravy. There are a handful of very basic uptime monitoring services that you can sign up for today and that won’t cost you a dime. The good folks over at CSS-Tricks just launched this very basic (and very free!) service, and it looks to be pretty solid.
This service offers you one free monitor, and allows you to upgrade for multiple monitors for a reasonable price. Featured as an MSNBC site of the week, Basic State offers basic site monitoring for free, and includes free SMS alerts in their free account features, something the other freebies don’t.
This service offers commercial services (discussed in more detail below) but also offers two free monitors that check status every 60 minutes.
As mentioned above Site 24×7 offers limited free accounts, but their commercial accounts come in packages that can fit just about any budget.
SiteUptime offers many of the same services as Ste24x7 – HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP, SSL monitoring, for a comparable price. A few other uptime services that I haven’t personally tried, but that have gotten good reviews are Pingdom and ServiceUptime. I’ve found it useful on e-commerce websites, where sometimes the payment gateway goes down, and the actual purchase takes a lot longer than it should.
Always great to find interesting blogs and this one is so informative – wow that makes a change.
It checks your websites and other infrastructure components every minute to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
It tracks your website uptime and has no limitations on worldwide locations, thus allowing your service to be monitored from all around the world. Whenever some error or downtime is encountered, a notification is sent to you via email or text messages!

It checks your website for errors from their various geographic monitoring stations at the desired intervals. Pretty basic stuff – although a few services offer more advanced features that you may feel are worth the money.
If you have a site that has been targeted for hacking or defacement in the past, this is a good way to be notified right away if there’s a problem. While this puts you in the position of potentially getting text message alerts at 4AM, it makes sure you’re made aware of the problem.
Their monitoring time is not configurable – it will ping your server every 15 minutes, but it does support checking payment gateways and SSL certificates, which is nice. The free account comes with 10 free SMS alerts, but you can purchase more on the free account if you need. They also offer a free account that gives you one free monitor, and would be a good way to check out their services before shelling out any money. Their prices seem comparable (although ServiceUptime seems a little steeper than the others), with equivalent services.
I use Site 24×7, with SMS alerts, and have been very happy with their service and can recommend them wholeheartedly. If the server goes down, there is a good chance that your email will also be affected, so it stands to reason you’d want to use an email address that is completely independent of your server, such as your ISP email or gmail. I rarely seem to be involved in e-commerce sites anymore, though I do use Site24x7 to monitor the few that I still have dominion over.
You’ve certianly provided a great list of free and paid services and I agree that all commercial websites should have a system in place to monitor their website. Today I suddenly noticed my vps is down and then I have to restart my vps to work it again.
There are lots of hackers this day so you need some security.Free Website Status Monitoring Services looks good, thanks for the tips you shared. Downtimes occur due to many different reasons such as server problems or high load on server causing high CPU etc. It boasts more than 77 great tools and provides you with a complete insight of your website’s performance and working. Even if you’re not directly involved with hosting their website, they look to you to be on top of the game.
If you have several different clients (or wear a few too many hats in your current job), this can be easier said than done, especially if you’re no longer in a development phase but have gone into a maintenance phase. These services are nice because they monitor the server externally, and there is nothing to install. If your client is paying $300 a month for a managed Rackspace slot, the response time from the server might be expected to be a little better than the $5 a month Dreamhost account. It absolutely sucks getting woken up in the wee hours of the morning to have to fix a server issue, but when your client sees your emails letting them know there is a proble (instead of the other way around) with a 4AM timestamp, you come out looking like a rockstar who goes above and beyond for their clients and is utterly obsessed with their website.

Sometimes there really is a problem with the server, and sometimes it can be as simple as a BINF (backhoe-induced network failure). It hasn’t been around long enough for me to personally vouch for them, but its certainly worth trying. You can do this by downloading their recording tool that lets you literally record your actions such as logging in, clicking on a specific link, etc. Their advanced plan is still only $10 a month, so still well within a reasonable budget range – and if you oay a year in advance, you can save $20. The commercial options listed here are certainly reasonably priced, and can easily be passed on to your clients through maintenance charges. Their recording tool let’s you do that kind of thing, and you can set timeout thresholds.
Unless your client has a really crappy hosting company, the wake-up calls shouldn’t happen often. Monitoring from multiple locations can alert you when the site may be unreachable by a certain region or certain ISP customers due to issues beyind your control, and can also help confirm quickly that the problem really is with your server if that’s the case. This may sound complicated – its actually not, and its a great way to monitor stuff like Facebook applications, where you have to be logged into Facebook before you can check whether or not the application is working.
Whether you are responsible for their hosting situation or not, you are likely in a better position to help them understand when something goes wrong.
Doing this manually is close to impossible, so the wise thing to do would be to use any website monitoring service. It provides you useful insight into your website and server performance, thus allowing you to improve it. Low traffic, low profile sites can be delegated as an every 60 minute monitor, while high-profile sites can check every 5 minutes. It is the kind of value-added service that will set you apart from other web developers or development shops. A lot of website monitoring services are available out there, but finding the good ones for free is not an easy task. Pricing is scaled on the interval level, so setting a less-frequent monitor can help keeps costs within your budget. They boast all the usual features such as multiple monitoring locations, monitor interval and alert types etc.

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