Reddit recently released its official iPhone and Android app, but forgot one crucial feature: iPad support.
BaconReader is completely free to use, as long as you don't mind the occasional advertisement mixed into the stream of posts. Antenna appears to be an app without many frills, with an interface that closely resembles Reddit's website. Reddit still labels Alien Blue as the official Reddit app for iPad, but the company is no longer working on improving the app. On the left side of the app is a stream of Reddit posts, with a large image and GIF preview area taking up the right side of the screen, just above the comment thread.
Navigation is done through primarily swipes and gestures, as opposed to buttons, which is a bit confusing at first.

As you can see in the photo to the right, it's a sad sight.The good news is there are a few quality third-party Reddit apps, each one providing a means to browse through your favorite subreddits. The app has a list of popular subreddits to help get you started if you're new to Reddit, or once you log in to your account you can view your personal front page and subscribed subs. One benefit BaconReader has over other apps is that it allows you to upload photos when creating a new post.
It's completely free, lacking any sort of in-app purchase to remove ads or gain new features. More so than other Reddit apps, AlienBlue relies a series of panels for keeping your place within threads, while also letting you expand and read comments or view images. Meaning you can post, search and subscribe to subs as you would by using the Reddit website.

Bonus: Safari or ChromeOf course, if you'd rather use Safari or Chrome to browse Reddit from your iPad that's always possible. The frustrating part of using a browser to view Reddit is the amount of bouncing between the Imgur and YouTube app that occurs when viewing images, GIFs or videos. With a dedicated app like those mentioned here, inline previews and viewing are possible most of the time.

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