Log into your cPanel account (or whatever control panel your host is using) and select the script installer program. While you don’t necessarily need a template, it will make your website look and function better.
A top-level site, or landing page, is requested and controlled by FAO's at the Org Unit level. As a site collection starts expanding with multiple sub-sites and secondary sub-sites, it may get confusing to decipher exactly which site you are looking at. Depending on the type of site created, there may be a difference in how to edit the Quick Launch and Top Link Bar. Move a site link up or down by selecting a navigation item and clicking the appropriate command above. Note: Edit will show what is currently input, changing the URL here will not update a page's URL in SharePoint, a non existing link will give an error. So, now that it’s time to start your website, you might be wondering how you actually go about doing it.
There are several different script installers commonly used with cPanel, but the two most popular are Simple Scripts and Fantastico. It also allows you to add a template to your website so that you can dress it up and make it look good.
This service includes several Sharepoint tutorials, to facilitate UCR's Sharepoint deployment. A welcome template has already been selected and the site can be edited and expanded with multiple, libraries, lists, pages, etc.

A new tool at the top of the ribbon is displayed, called "Picture Tools", click on "Design". Browse your computer and then select to upload to "Site Assets" (it can serve as your images directory), click "OK". In edit mode, the ribbon changes to reveal editing tool tabs, the editable area is outlined, and a cursor is placed in the area.
The Insert tab gives you the option to insert tables, pictures, links, upload files, and add web part lists if so desired. When sites expand with multiple lists, libraries, pages, calendars, etc., it may be hard to navigate. An outline of all your sites lists, libraries, and discussions that are currently on your Quick Launch are shown. From there you will be asked to give the site a title, address, add permission inheritance, and navigation specifics. For those who find the various templates daunting, begin a subsite with either the "UCR Department Template" or the "UCR Project Template". When the Edit, Add Heading, or Add Link  button is clicked, the dialog box allows you to specify the title, enter the URL, and a target audience to security trim the navigation.
Before downloading it, be sure to check reviews to ensure there aren’t any viruses or bad files linked to the template. Select the template’s ZIP file and the template will be uploaded and added to your website. If not, then go back to your admin panel, uninstall the template and then install it again.

Various subsites can be created underneath the top-level site, permissions granted by site owners. If there is no edit icon, the page is comprised only of webparts and is edited differently. Here you can add a new menu item, either a Heading or a Link, to the global navigation (Top Link Bar) and the Current Navigation (Quick Launch).
While this could be helpful if you really want to do everything yourself and you have months to learn the languages, the truth is that you can create a website within a few minutes without much technical knowledge. If you want to start a business with your website, then it might be good to invest in one of these.
There are many and while all have similarities there may be advantages of one over the other. In fact, you don’t need to know the first thing about programming to get your website started.
A project template, usually chosen under a department site, will give a basic startup for a project that is completely customizable but already highlights a few things a group may need.
Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and CLICK HERE to learn how to create your own website even if your a beginner.

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