Is it possible to run more than one management shell and up date site collections in all the shells? In the words of Microsoft, “a Community Site is a new site template that provides a forum experience in the SharePoint environment”. Moderators can assign badges to members to indicate their status within the community, e.g. A list of all members, including their badges and reputation earned, is held on the community site. For more technical information on Community Sites I recommend the following TechNet article. However, without structure or purpose, communities will fail regardless of the underlying technology. The purpose of this blog article is to provide 3 use cases of the SharePoint Community Site. Customers like to share their opinions and organisations can gain value in listening to them. Clicking on “Share your product ideas” opens a new discussion modal, where customers can start a discussion around an idea for a specific product. Clicking on “Take our product survey” opens a new survey modal, where customers can provide feedback on products, value for money, customer service etc.
Clicking on “Check our product FAQs” takes customers to a FAQs page, where they can find up-to-date FAQs grouped by specific product. Clicking on “View our product documentation” takes customers to a product documentation page, where they can find up-to-date documents (e.g.

On boarding can be a stressful experience for new starters, and an expensive and time consuming one for HR. In addition, it holds a range of material for company orientation and automates some generic administrative tasks associated with joining a new workplace. Clicking on “Introduce yourself to your colleagues” opens a new discussion modal, where new starters can start a discussion around their new job role, previous experience, hobbies and interests etc. Clicking on “Read your employee handbook” opens the document in the browser (through Office Web Apps), where new starters can read the document or download it for offline consumption. Clicking on “Complete your new start form” opens a new form modal where employees can provide basic information about themselves, such as name, address and emergency contact details.
Clicking on an event in the sales and marketing calendar opens a page with more details and a link to a related discussion where employees can register interest. Employees can drag and drop photos from the events they have attended which can then be used for promotional purposes by the sales and marketing team.
Simply providing your employees with an out-the-box SharePoint Community Site and expecting social collaboration to ‘just happen’ is not only unrealistic, but destructive, in that it undermines the credibility of social technologies. Finding a specific use case for a community, and providing additional functionality to supplement the Community Site Template, will ensure better adoption and higher business value.
The upgrade session will pickup where it left, so don't worry about webs not being upgraded when doing this. When a new discussion is posted it can be assigned a category which other users can filter by. Community Sites can be set to allow any new users to join or an approval process can be set to manage new members.

Those that go down the “build it and they will come” route risk damaging the credibility of social technologies within their business when adoption falls flat on its face because users have no idea of where to start.
In each example, you will see how the SharePoint Community Site template (enhanced by other SharePoint features) can be used in typical business scenarios. This community site provides customers with a forum to discuss their ideas for your product, a channel to offer feedback and a convenient location to access up-to-date product information. This community site provides new starters with a forum to introduce themselves, meet and network with their peers and ask questions to designated mentors. The member that started the discussion has the ability to mark a chosen response as the ‘Best Reply’. Members can earn reputation by posting in discussions and through recognition by other members of their posts (e.g. This community site provides a sales team with an interface to interact with the rest of the organisation. Salespeople are able to request information and other employees can involve themselves in up-coming engagements and events.

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