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Aline, Muito boa sua analise sobre os dois sites, e as formas de cada um tratar cada ponto. Para participar na Promocao Faca com Primor e Viaje com Avioes e muito facil, ja que voce tera que apenas comprar qualquer um dos produtos promocionados de Primor de sua preferencia. A Promocao Faca com Primor e Viaje com Avioes vale do dia 1 de maio de 2016 ate o maximo o dia 31 de julho de 2016 e ocorrera de forma exclusiva nos Estados da Paraiba, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara, Bahia, Maranhao e de Sergipe. Marisa Outlet maio 15, 2016 By Dicas Mix O Marisa Outlet e um ambiente de promocoes exclusivas para os clientes especiais dos cartoes Marisa e Marisa Itaucard. Promocao Faca com Primor e Viaje com Avioes maio 15, 2016 By Dicas Mix Que tal voce e mais um acompanhante como convidados especiais na turne do Avioes do Forro, a banda mais primorosa de todo o Brasil? Water can wreak havoc on a hydraulic system, making this primer on water contamination absolutely essential. Our online bookstore features most of the industry’s most popular and classic technical training books available.
Parabens pelo trabalho sua analise esta melhor que muita gente graduada do mercado que ja vi.
Na Promocao Faca com Primor e Viaje com Avioes voce tem essa chance e pode ganhar uma viagem super animada. Ressaltando que a promocao Primor pode acabar antes caso os brindes sejam distribuidos antes do periodo final estabelecido no regulamento oficial da acao.

Portanto, nao perca mais tempo e compre um produto Primor para achar seu vale-brinde que da direito a uma viagem para conhecer o Avioes do Forro, a banda mais animada do pais. Entre em contato com a promotora e forneca seus dados pessoais corretamente, como seu nome e endereco completos, CPF e RG, telefone, entre outros dados.
Guarde com muito cuidado a embalagem premiada, alem da nota cupom fiscal de sua compra para poder comprovar sem maiores problemas a sua contemplacao na iniciativa Primor. I recently audited a hydraulic system with cloudy oil that was found to contain greater than 1% (10,000 ppm) water! As you can see, bearing life is given on the Y axis, and the amount of water in the oil on the X axis.
But as the graph shows, this level of water in the oil reduces expected bearing life to around one third of what it would be if water concentration was controlled at 100 ppm (0.01%). Even at 500 ppm (0.05%) water, bearing life is less than half of what it would be at 100 ppm. The standard laboratory test for accurately quantifying the water content of mineral oils is the Karl Fischer Volumetric Reagent Method, otherwise known as the Karl Fischer test. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is sometimes mentioned as a method for measuring water concentration in oil.
However, FTIR is only effective for indicating water concentrations greater than 1,000 ppm. This means if you’re serious about monitoring and controlling water concentration at low levels, water content by Karl Fischer must be specified on your oil analysis test slate.
In the case of systems with small oil volumes, changing the oil may be the most cost-effective solution.

For systems containing larger oil volumes, water removal filters are best suited to removing small amounts of water.
The fibers break the oil film, which allows non-emulsified (free) water to adhere to and be retained by the fibers, whereas the oil passes through. As water droplets accumulate in the filter mat, they coalesce into larger droplets; these drain down through the fibers into a collector, which is periodically drained. They can be absorptive, where free and emulsified water in the oil becomes part of the filter’s chemical structure, or adsorptive, where the water is retained by the element without it becoming part of its chemical structure. Adsorptive filters, on the other hand, have a tendency to release captured water under certain conditions. This enables water to be removed at a temperature that does not damage the oil or its additives. Water in the oil migrates to the dry air in the headspace and is eventually removed by a dehumidifier.
Here, again, water migrates out of the oil and into the dry air passing through the reservoir headspace.
This requires a spare port in the top of the reservoir, ideally as far away from the breather as possible.

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