C’est par le biais du studio Kyoto Animation que nous decouvrons la promotion video de leur nouvel anime, Free ! L’histoire nous entraine dans la vie quotidienne de Haruka Nanase, un adolescent passionne de natation. C’est au Lycee que Rin Matsuoka reapparait dans la vie Haruka pour le defier et lui montrer sa puissance ecrasante. Le roman High Speed de Kouji Ouji a debute en 2011 aux editions Kyoto Animation et denombre un total de 2 tomes, au Japon.
Publie le 26 avril 2013 par Reith Saji.Cet article a ete publie dans ANIME et tague Free anime, free kyoto animation, free!. Je comprends pas pourquoi les gens pensent que cet anime va etre nul, surtout sans avoir vu au moins le premier episode.
On peut discuter des gouts et des couleurs, mais les animes de Kyoto Animation ont toujours un succes monstre, que l’on soit pour ou contre. Meme Tamako Market , faible par rapport aux autres animes de Kyoto , se demarque avantageusement des animes de cet hiver. De toute facon, comme tu la dit, on ne peut pas tout reussir, c’est pourquoi Tamako market a eu un peu moins de succes que les autres anime de kyoto. Les filles peuvent aimer, mais le fait est que le noyau dur des fans de K-On sont des gars. Oui, mais il est seulement sous-entendu sur 2min d’un episode ^^ et les autres filles etaient assez embarrasse puisque Mugi etait la seule a pense ce genre de chose. Je donne simplement mon avis dessus, apres si vous aimez se genre, pas de probleme libre a vous d’aimer. When lawyer Evan Stone worked as an in-house counsel for anime distributor FUNimation, the company tried all sorts of techniques to stop piracy. But making money in anime isn't hopeless; it turns out that anime lovers will pay for content even in an age of widely available free versions.
Pirates can't compete with this kind of availability, since even the most dedicated fansub groups need time to do their own translations. Like YouTube, the site would take down specific files at the request of copyright owners, but the presence of infringing content was a constant irritant to companies who felt like user-generated content sites were building their own businesses on the back of someone else's work. The bandwidth bill was high, and the team maxed out their private credit cards to pay for it, but they managed to attract venture capitalists who liked the passionate community involved with the site.

On New Year's Day 2009, Crunchyroll removed all the user-generated content and replaced it with licensed content. For those who don't want to pay, the site offers free ad-supported streams, like Hulu, one week after new episodes air in Japan. Under its deal with studios, Crunchyroll receives secured prerelease versions of new anime episodes a week in advance; in-house translators prepare subtitles, and the streams are ready to go one hour after new episodes air. Half the money earned by Crunchyroll goes to pay the creators; the site claims to be profitable on the remaining money.
Creating niche communities has proven successful enough that Crunchyroll is looking to expand into other vertical media opportunities this year. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. With its lingering shots of boys in swim trunks, the original promo seemed to be courting fans of yaoi, or gay Japanese manga geared towards young women. Bien que je l’aime bien hein ^^ Mais la natation est sensee etre mouvementee donc ca ira je pense!!
Si sa se trouve, y aura des filles en personnage secondaire qu’on voit pas dans la video.
Personnellement, je suis tres sensible, et pour te dire, Tamako market m’a fait pleurer a un moment.
Certes, y a un club, on suit leur histoire et toussa, mais, ca seras surement un trucs a la KnB avec un tournoi regional ou un trucs du genre. Il peuvent aussi fail leur anime ?? Je dis juste de pas juger un anime sans avoir vu au moins un episode. Et faire son malin avec des jugements qui restent infondes, et qui ne depasse pas son petit bout de nez. It sent takedown notices and DMCA complaints to anyone who would listen, like ISPs (which sometimes took action) and torrent sites (which rarely did). Crunchyroll gets its content a week before first air date, giving it time to do a proper subtitling job. It was a side project, rolled out as YouTube was taking off, that the engineers shared with their friends.
After a year and a half of working nights and weekends, the Crunchyroll founders all "made a leap of faith" and quit their jobs to focus full-time on the site.

After raising a few million dollars, Kun and his team toured Japan talking to the anime studios.
In the two years since, the site has grown into profitability, trying to take away every advantage that piracy has—including price.
But for those willing to spend $7 a month, Crunchyroll offers 720p ad-free streams available on devices from laptops to iPhones and Android tablets.
Kun attributes success to his focus on giving anime lovers what they want, but also on the ways Crunchyroll has built a community involving forums, contests, coupons, merchandise, and news. But for now, it's trying to show that offering quick access to a good product and coupling that with a passionate community can fund content creation even in a BitTorrent world. The cast list includes notable voice actors from popular anime like Chihayafuru and Hunter x Hunter. However, the mostly fully-clothed 90-second preview seems to emphasize team characterizations over gratuitous skin shots, which indicates that in practice, Free!
Piracy may never go away, but Crunchyroll is out to prove that "competing with free" is possible by treating piracy like a business problem.
The studios wanted the site to be "black or white," all pro or all user-generated, and they would only license their content to a pro site. And its real innovation is offering most of these streams the moment the original broadcast concludes in Japan. And it's certainly a rarity when it comes to worldwide distribution of non-anime premium video content. Pourquoi denigre tout de suite Free, alors que Kyoto Animation nous a toujours offert des animes au top. Kyoto Animation nous a donner, je vais te faire plaisir, pas que, mais beaucoup de tres bon animes, donc on peut avoir de l’espoir et avoir confiance en eux quant a Free.

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