There are many paid options provided by many email newsletter providers, but if you can send one from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other free email account, you can reserve more of your budget on other items. If you are looking for a better managed newsletter services with tools to monitor your email campaign, go with the paid service, but if you are looking to just send a newsletter to a few friends, you will love this tutorial.
We’ll guide you on how to save your very own newsletter template as an HTML template and start sending them, with the help of CampaignMonitor.
If you have an idea on what you want your newsletter template to look like, you can start working with Photoshop.
You can be as creative as you like with your email template, but bear in mind, with more creative elements included, there will be more work in slicing each element. Try to limit having to save too many images in your template, as this will only make it larger and hence take longer to load. In this guide, we will be using an edited version of free email template by CampaignMonitor.
Now that you are ready with your email template, open it with Photoshop, select Slice Tool and start slicing every element of the template. When you slice a text, make sure you select the exact size, do not leave any extra space in the text area. When you are ready with your sliced template, go to File and select Save for Web & Devices.
Next at the top right corner of the popup window, set the image type as JPEG from the dropdown menu. Now from the HTML dropdown menu, select Slices, and select Slice Output to Generate Table and set the columns as the following.
After you press the save button, open up the location folder where you saved the file to, and you will see the html and images folder containing sliced images already saved for your email template. At the end of the following steps, you will get the finalized email template in HTML format. Now delete every line that’s highlighted, alternatively, click on the header image and press delete. Once you get the details of the font, enter the header text in the header area of the template, and include the font details too. If you registered your Dropbox account before 1st August 2012, you may follow the steps below. Register a free account with Dropbox, and then install the app to your PC or Mac so you can skip the uploading process over the Web.

You have found a site containing a free download you want but you don’t want to enter your main email address to get the link for fear of getting a lot of spam from the site. When you go to the 10 Minute Mail site, you get a temporary email address that is good for 10 minutes. You get messages at that temporary address that you can view directly on the 10 Minute Mail site until the 10 minutes are up. Using 10 Minute Mail is a good way to sign up for downloads where you have to confirm your email address to get the download link. About Help Desk GeekWelcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of help desk tips for IT Professionals.
This site offers you the opportunity to send unrestricted international SMS free of charge. This website is distinct from the other websites because of the following features:  It enables you sending of long character SMS with a maximum of 440 characters. The site was quite popular at some point in India owing to its advanced features that enable you schedule sending of message. The site enables you send SMS message to all mobile numbers in India regardless of whether is GSM or CDMA.
The template that we will be using has only a few simple elements: a header, photo, lines and text, for the benefit of this guide. But if you are creating a newsletter, it is advisable to use web fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Georgia. Firstly, double-click on your image element and name it so you can easily recognize the image file when it is saved. Here, select the destination where you want the file to be saved at, then change the format to HTML and Images and set the Slices to All Slices. That is where you define your background color, font family, font size as well as letter spacing. Make sure all text images are transformed into web fonts and avoid unnecessary images in HTML.
To get this done, you actually need to upload the newsletter folder to your web server, but in case you don’t have one, lets get it done with Dropbox instead.
Copy the email address in the edit box and use it on sites where you don’t want to give your own email address.
You can reply to messages, click links in messages, and forward message to yourself, if you find you want to keep them.

Moreover, it incorporates SMS collection based on various events and topic and be able to send the message to anybody in India.
Currently, several departments such as education institutes and financial institution among others utilize it.
There are no specific width and height of an email template, but to make sure it is compatible and readable on any email without breaks, we suggest you set the width size at not more than 650px.
If you set the quality to 100, the image quality will be maximum but it will make your template heavy.
Try to fill the text space with suitable letter spacing and font size; make sure it does not break your template. You can also change the language for the page to one of 37 languages using the Choose Your Language drop-down list. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. The reply is yes especially with increased number of youth taking pleasure in conversing with buddies daily. You are able to send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well, SlideSMS allows you send image SMS for free.
Apart from this, you are able to have free email alerts into your mobile inbox; as well, you can chat with Yahoo and Gtalk friends through Way2SMS simultaneously.
The cool part of this site is that it incorporates online list containing the latest music that you may stream live as you send messages. You are able to send unrestricted SMS at no cost; moreover, there are no adverts in the SMS and there is no limit to the characters.
The site offers a limit of 160 characters to normal SMS as well as 140 characters in personal SMS. As well, you may send SMS through MSN messenger in addition, delivery of SimCity is reliable. Therefore, today we present top 10 sites for sending free messages online in India as well as other regions on earth.

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