In the category of Softwares , we’ve shared you Free Software to check Internet Speed , here in this post i would like to share you the FREE VPN , which lets you browse anonymous online .
This Packet Tracer lab has been provided to help you gain a better understanding of Cisco ASA security appliance. Before we begin our lab we need to get a better understanding of site-to site VPNs, and why do we need them?
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Para quem precisa de um VPN nos EUA, achei este site bem interessante, o Free VPN Service, Super Free PPTP VPN Accounts. A vantagem e que voce pode usar no seu celular Android, por exemplo, para baixar livros ou revistas.

Specify the configuring and troubleshooting of the ASA Site-To-Site VPN capability.A  The ability to configure and troubleshoot a Site-To-Site VPN using the Cisco ASA security appliance has become an essential part of a network engineera€™s job as many networks today encompass multiple sites. The functionality of the ASA 5505 is limited in the above version of Packet Tracer due to two factors. If we have two sites that are geography separated and we need to communicate between them we have two choices.
It can receive plain packets from the private network, encapsulate them, create a tunnel, and send them to the other end of the tunnel where they are unencapsulated and sent to their final destination. Every time I configure NAT rules, the VPN breaks because it doesn’t match the interesting traffic anymore. It can also receive encapsulated packets from the public network, unencapsulate them, and send them to their final destination on the private network.

Second the command set is limited; there is no IP protocol available within the access-list command only TCP, UDP and ICMP. The Nat command is limited to dynamic and static which does not allow the user to separate VPN traffic from the Nat process. A site-to-site VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allow us to tunnel through the internet creating a private network connection been our two sites. Additionally the show commands are limited and there is no debug command, this limits the ability to troubleshoot issues.

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