After consulting with a few potential clients recently, I found inspiration to write a series of tips on the topic I am asked about regularly.
Why is it so important to know how much of your site has been indexed by the search engines?
Secondly, in the case of a redesign… When you overhaul a website, the URL structure might receive an overhaul too. It would be a shame to have traffic click on an ‘old’ link in Google’s index and be presented a 404 error. Sure, over time the results will work themselves out but we don’t recommend completely ignoring this often overlooked step. When you first enter your domain name into this tool it will show the pages that are cached on Yahoo’s databases. If the links to your old home page are broken then all the link providers need to be contacted. These include many of the alias pages that are generated by Blog sites but includes many excellent referral links that Google did not report.
While every redesign project is different and has it’s own challenges, the next few posts in this series will give you a few things to try out as you start the process.
Try playing around with some newer search engines that seem to be making waves of innovation throughout search.

It’s also very important to know how the search engines indexed your site by paying attention to what URLs are showing in the search index.
Having an idea of how many pages are indexed in the search engines might give you a good idea of how much work is ahead, if you choose to change your URL structure and want to keep your traffic and search rankings.
You can actually take that traffic and direct it to the appropriate page with some knowledge about 301 redirects.
If you have 100, then redirecting your old URLs to new ones will not be nearly as difficult. Dips in traffic are common after a redesign, you wouldn’t want to add to the problem by missing this very important step.
I was asked to help identify all of the links that other websites had made to the old site to try and repair all those that were broken.
When the links to the old home page are redirected then you need only contact those who link to the other pages. Indeed it is a very good idea to know the links to your website before making major changes. Kammy’s comment is an excellent example, a constructive and knowledgable post with a link back to the website he is promoting. Kammy's comment over on my Search Blog is an excellent example, a constructive post with a link back to the website he is promoting.

Your site may or may not use sub-domains as heavily as Google but following this step on a regular basis will tell you how much of you’re site is being indexed by Google. Are the number of pages listed for your site in the results close to the number of actual pages in your site? These links are often called backlinks or using Inlinks in the tool that I am to introduce. If that is impossible for some reason, you will want to use a 301 redirect to tell Google that the page it has indexed has moved permanently. Bloggers should always enable email notification for comments and check where any links goes to. If you are familiar with Google Webmaster Tools, you can even tell Google what pages should not be in the results at all. Era ottimo per analizzare la concorrenza… Rispondi Bellimbusto 31 gennaio 201215:30 Ciao !

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