As promised, Skype rival Viber Media has released an updated app for BlackBerry (version 2.4, in beta) that – finally – gives users the ability to make free phone calls to others. Also not supported: BlackBerry 10, although I hear this may be the case when the final app gets rolled out in the near future. Either way, Viber has earlier stated that adding support for voice calls to its BlackBerry app “represented a significant technical challenge”.

But Viber says it differentiates from BBM because it lets users communicate for free, whether via voice calls or text messages, with users of all other Viber-supported platforms including iOS and Android. The Israeli startup also just launched a new application for Windows Phone 8 that supports free voice calls. He describes himself as a hopeless cyberflaneur, a lover of startups, his family and Belgian beer.

The company says BlackBerry users make up the third-largest chunk of its user base, after iOS and Android phone owners.

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