Brick by Brick is the official blog of the Brick Factory, a Washington, DC-based digital agency. Twitter is probably the coolest marketing tool of our generation as noted in Founder Magazine.
Twitter lets you interact with all of those people instantly unlike some of the other popular networks.
Launched in January 2004, Google’s first social media venture, Orkut is shutting down on September 30, 2014. If you know anything about Orkut, you may remember that it was launched even before Facebook.
When it comes to using social media as an entrepreneur, should you invest your time in growing your presence on Google+? Did you know that your profile picture is the first thing that people like or dislike about you when they see you first time online? I have friends who hate Facebook for philosophical reasons but can’t get out of it because other products and services they use need them to have a Facebook account.
Being effective means being able to manage our time in a productive manner and achieving productive activities. One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is to quantify the return on investment, this includes social media activities. It is even harder for those with decent success in their business without using social media to even comprehend any productive use of social media. There seems to always be confusion about using Facebook Page vs Facebook Profile for business. I guess you already figured out what I am going to discuss in this post from the title itself.

Social media, especially Facebook, is always a cause for concern among parents and a reason for friction in two different schools of thought.
One group of people thinks that Facebook and social media is evil and we should avoid it at all costs. But then, you know how powerful social media can be in building your personal brand, online reputation and growing your business at such a low cost if done right.
Have you been to a website where you simply loved a sentence, may be it was a profound statement or a quote and you instantly thought, “Wow! Usually, when that moment comes, you have to copy the statement, go to HootSuite or Buffer (or Twitter directly) and do the tweeting work. Nothing annoys on social media sites, especially Twitter and Facebook, more than receiving an unsolicited message from somebody you don’t even know. On top of that, knowing that you can’t even delete your unwanted Direct Messages (DM) in Twitter in bulk, only adds to the pain. Well, if you followed me just today and we have not even interacted once, what is so private and important that I should straightaway try to get your attention through your mailbox?
Also, some of the products, services, websites, tools or technologies that I review on this website or recommend them here, are from the companies or bloggers who may return the favor by a free product or a free service or even pay me to for using their product and writing a professional review. While this is the holy grail of internet marketing for many top marketers, it is also the most confusing and frustrating channel for many. I received an email from the Orkut team notifying me of this development a couple of days ago. How many times have you come across a situation where you wanted to sign up for a new product or service and it wants you to sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account?
For a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur, it is a bit confusing to go one or the other way.

However, if you don’t have kids, you can still participate in this conversation and perhaps, add some value from your perspective. Well, I don’t subscribe to that group and that is why this post is also not about them or for them.
I actively participate in this group for obvious reasons and this is what my online business is centered around.
If you loved the statement or the picture so much, you wouldn’t mind going through that effort. No wonder sending automatic DMs on Twitter to your new followers is mostly considered as SPAM. This guide will teach you, step by step, how to setup a website, drive massive traffic & make money online. Along with his SEO work and freelance writing, he also writes on various topics that include Personal Development, Business, Leadership, Relationships and Spirituality. She has a huge following for her work on Positive Self-Talk, Personal Development and Leadership. Bill shares his wisdom on his website each week where he shares his thoughts, his writings and his poems. You can view his writings and connect with him by visiting him at website.

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