January 3, 2016 by Kimanzi Constable 1 Comment LikeTweetDeep inside a man’s heart is a burning desire for something more. Fear sets in when we think about doing things that aren’t typically seen in our society today. While the desire to lead is there, it’s scary to put yourself out there—especially publicly.
How to Make an Ice Ball Full of Smoke for a Super Fancy CocktailThe mad genius at Cocktail Chemistry is back again with an awesome cocktail trick. A Meditation on Traveling the Road Where You BelongEvery story has a hero, will you be the hero in yours?
6 Causes of Job Burnout You Absolutely Must KnowThe costs of job related burnout are devastatingly high, not only for the individual employee but any organization as a whole. Just Another Story About a Regular Dad Who Loves His Transgender GirlUnfazed by his transgender child’s change, he was just another dad talking about his little girl who he loves. My Aversion to Twitter and TrumpMatthew Rozsa’s aversion to Twitter is, strangely, related to his aversion to Trump. Kicking the Smartphone AddictionThe question, really, is, are we in control of our digital lives? I Am The Bug MasterSean Swaby, House Ninja, declares a turf war on bugs and wins with Scott’s Ortho. You must always wonder at some point or the other, what in the world does a man want in his wife, so you can know what is it that you can do better to be the perfection you have always wanted to be! It’s true that we have come light years ahead from the time we used to be cavemen, and that everyone can work today, gender no bar!
Because men are so close to their mothers, they love to see their wives have a warm and nurturing heart.

We have a burning desire to wake up every day knowing that we’ll be spending our time on the things that are important to us. There are difficulties and challenges that shatter our dreams and force us to believe a new reality. We battle that fear along with doubt, and the negative voices of those who don’t understand this desire for more. The Internet and social media have opened many doors that were previously closed by gatekeepers.
What you eat and how much you exercise will determine whether or not you live a hard life full of health issues, or one that’s full of energy.
You can let this failure convince you what you’re doing isn’t what’s right for you, or you can view it as a life lesson. You can see my words in cool places such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mind Body Green, the Good Men Project, Fox News, and many more. I think what you’re getting at is that our biggest obstacle to getting what we really want is ourselves. This time he teaches you how to fill an ice ball with smoke, that you can then break over your cocktail.
How Do I Find the Words?Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad?
But one thing that is still true is that what makes a woman super desirable is the ability to whip up a delicious meal. Living life this way would be a dream true come for many guys, but it easier said than done. That burning desire keeps getting buried in an attempt to make the most out of what we’re going through.

There are some things that are out of our control—such as cancer—but there are things you can control. Deep inside of us is the desire to lead and make an impact in the lives of those around us and beyond.
My books have sold over 100,000 copies and my new book, Stop Chasing Influencers, drops later this year. Our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes hold us back from experiencing the freedom and opportunity to impact others that we truly desire.
We may have gone from chimps to this high powered ambition driven species, but the way to a man’s hear is still through his stomach.
Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff. When you focus on those you want to help versus how you feel, you can make an impact despite the opinion of a few people who will never get it. My goal is to help you create freedom in your work, health, and relationships and live your dream life. Make an impact and help people overcome difficult situations—it’s one way to grow as a man.

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