This Spanish girl is from South America and would not be on a dating site but you never know. If you are going to Spain I recommend Miami to Madrid or NYC to Madrid direct, get a SIM card for your GSM phone at any Kiosk. It would be better to be an expat teaching in English for a few years earning proverbial Spanish pieces of eight and finding your soul mate than spending another day at your 3% raise a year career job and  sleeping and showering alone. Warm and friendly – Sure women are women, but you know the first contact with Spanish girls are more flirtatious or warmer than in the English-speaking world culture. The Group dynamic – I have hung out with Spanish students of mixed genders traveling around Europe and there was nothing overtly romantic going on.
You want a traditional bride, take my advice you do want to find a hot chica who stands by her man. I tend to think the South American Spanish are more conservative or domestic than Spaniards from Europe (maybe with the exception of Argentina as the girls are notoriously game player before you lasso them into a relationship. Men of old like this conquistador were men of iron and would not have taken a feminist bride. If a guy like Matt Damon, who has his choice of women married a Latin girls from Miami, maybe you could be too.
I have heard many times over and over, Spanish women are very westernized and some of the most die hard feminists in Europe. I hear Mexican women, still have more traditions and more respect for their male counterparts.
You don’t live in Spain, nor you know how I am, nor you know how are my neighbors, nor you know how are the girls in my neighborhood nor my country, or how know is the history of my country to say we are Arabs and xenophobia, and the Italians are beautiful and nice.
I think spanish girls are really difficult to approach if you don’t belong to their network. They are extremely independent and much more concerned about their professional careers than building a relationship.
Not all women in Spain are models, obviously, but most of them are quite beautiful and some are amazing. Why marry a Latin American girl and not a USA American brideSpanish girls, I would marry a Spanish girl.
In contrast, where I live on an island there are happily married couples, but these are people who have chosen more of an alternative lifestyle.
The American woman raised on a diet of text messages, expectations about having an SUV and house and a husband to accept her whimsical devious ideas about love and marriage, that is a hard road to travel for the American man. The main problem with an American wife is they do not believe that marriage is forever and they need to submit their will to the will of the marriage. Because of the stereo types people hide their love for people of the other race and that is said.
I’ve turned down guys that look like celebrity models simply because their attitude was so bad that they became really ugly to me. What discuss me is how people try to say african american women are not beautiful, portray us like we are ugly but yet all different races is having sex with us and watching us with lustful eyes as we walk by.
If you go to a disco in Spain hoping to meet a girl,just forget about it, its time wasting.
I think you are either writing this because you are trying to keep the girls of Spain to yourself or you have had little luck. Aproaching to spanish girls I?ll introduce myself: I?m a Spaniard man married with a Spanish (not Spaniard) girl. In the case of Spaniards, I think that some of the guys above are true: it is difficult to approach them if you are not in their social circle.
Spanish women are the most beautiful in the WorldI missed my chance of my soulmate many years ago.
Public transportation in Spain is excellent and your first ride on a metro in Madrid will prove this out. There is something about this EU that perpetuates liberalism in the worst way when it comes to Social interactions.
I think the East coast and the Islands like Ibiza tend to be sin city, while in the center and the west towards Portugal there are more conservative values, farmers and villages and isolationist equals more traditional wives.

There are zillions of others, in fact a typical Spanish girl looks like model just based on their proper body management and long hair. I have known scores of guys that once they started to date Spanish girls never considered the WASPy American girl again. Your demagoguery is so risky, foolish and and disgusting, so you don’t know that Spaniards, French, Italian, etc, are of the same family. Each person regardless of their background or people are humans and children of God and equal. And almost all of them are strongly influenced in their thoughts and behaviour patterns by radical feminism. Spanish girls are not as easy as UK girls or American, they are quite hard and with high culture and education level. We are feminist but laws in Spain are awful in some cases, for example, if a couple wants to divorce only the women will carry with children and she will receive money from the salary of her ex husband, it’s something terrible because some males got poor because of this. Then, one day at work, a sheriffs’ deputy shows up and serves him with divorce papers and a restraining order. A disproportionate number of guests I observe are divorced women with big dogs living alone doing the career thing. I am not talking about an instantaneous moment of lust but conscious plotting and thinking about their position in the marriage and how they are not getting what they want and seeking advice from their friends or lawyers who tell them what it is OK to get divorced if you are unhappy. Not at all, there are many happy, loving couple of strictly American husband and American wife.
If you marry Jane or Sally next door, because she is a girl that smiles at you, you might find the Sheriff at your door serving you papers, paying alimony for the rest of your life and living in regret.
Where real allure comes fromNo offense but I read several of these post that seem to point out race as being a reason as why someone is the way they are. The same people that turn around and say that about african american turn right around and try to date us on the side or sneak tip.
I sometimes say culture might as this is a human thing of psychology and social customs people have to be aware of, but I do not care about race one bit.
First are European with a character like an Italian or French and not too similar to Spanish (South American) girls.
For this reason, my advice is trying to meet or know girls, better than in a disco or a bar, in other less obvious situation, as language lessons, or cooking classes, or something like this (even in your work place.
I have traveled all over South America and I am an EU citizen and have similarly and lived around Europe. The result, is the women have an awareness about family issues, life, the desire for children is not suppressed and idealism is retained. Spanish women basically dream of love and marriage from a young age, while Western women are more concerned about their self confidence, career and independence from men. Maria told me she has found that one of the issues of Latin culture was to start a family before the economics or education of the household was stable. Maybe the settles of the new world have been isolated sufficiently or the Conquistador genes are more resilient to feminism. My neighbor Dave, a red-headed freckled American boy learned a little Spanish Language and I never saw him date another gal from the States again. In fact half of this forum is about considering dating people from around the world instead of just the girl next door. Actually, for example they consider american people too ingnorant but they are greately gratefull when meeting somebody interesting, culturized and open minded.
American women are very good actresses, and they play their role, up until the day after their marriage when things start to change for the worst. I have seen it happen in person, and I have had other men tell me this is what happened to them. But there are some men here in the US that don’t give a damn about what this sick society expects of them, and live according to their desires. Augustine, Florida and I know a number of American guys happily married to girls from Latin American. If I was a single American guy I would find some alternative, idealistic American girl or foreign bride.

If you continue to think like that you will be disappointed because it has nothing to do as to why a woman is beautiful or is looking for a fairy tale guy. Race has nothing to do with it and beautiful is in the eye of the beholder and if you only seem to think one particular race is very beautiful then you are not looking on the inside of the person either. But even culture can be over come.For example, an some slick NYC banker would have trouble marrying an eco-anti-capitalist from Oregon but it could happen, romance movies are based on this.
I was in a relationship with a French women and so I behaved myself and stayed loyal to the French woman who later ran away with my two sons, leaving me broken hearted. I feel just based on my contact with Spanish culture over the course of many years from women from Madrid to Buenos Aires (lives downtown).
I personally think this is not a problem, but she was trying to raise awareness about this and the implications for a cycle of poverty. These are the men that search for a real woman, and they don’t care where they find her.
These guys are not losers who could not get a date but attractive normal guys, just with Spanish wives. I married a Polish girl and I am very happy, we have been together for sometime and I can tell you there is a world of difference between American dating and true love. I’m African American and every African american woman I know is also looking for a fairy tale relationship and is beautiful. Remember looks fade and then what will you find beautiful if nothing else is about the person. Even with the unemployment crisis in Spain now, it is not cheap, it is the Euro zone and your dollar is worth less for some strange reason. Maybe they do not carry books by Jose de Espronceda or Carolina Coronado, but more likely they simply have fantasies of marrying. It seemed to have a very different dynamic than say an American or UK group of students there was always latent tension romantically and the need to impress or for the women to be cold or distant. Read statistics about American marriage and compare this with say Spanish girls or Latin girls.
I personally find it to be a turn off to hear people talk like I have read in the post on here. Never mind, will be moving to fantastic Spain soon so that will be nice.Best wishes to you all and especially to Raquel Caro whereever you may be? Unemployment has not caused any increase in crime and you see foot patrols of police everywhere in the tourist areas. Or read modern fiction like The Witness by Juan Jose Saer, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Santa Evita by Tomas Eloy Martinez Or reading even Gothic novels like: El Principe de la Niebla by Carlos Ruiz Zafon Now not to over project my own lofty views of the world on Latin culture as I have met middle-aged Spanish women that are kind of bossy. I mean do you think Hollywood, pop star and daytime talk shows, is the culture you want to marry into? Someone said on here “Jimmy is right, Spanish women in general are not that attractive.
A lot of Moroccans in the south, they are beautiful of course too and have close ties to Spain.
But not bossy and cut-throat anti-man feminist Western way, more in a Latin way, that is hot-headed. A 100% FREE Online dating service for Spain singles offering free online dating, free dating online, photo personal ads, matchmaking, free email, extensive search, and more. 100% FREE Online Dating Connecting Singles is a 100% FREE online dating service for singles! It's a great way to get better acquainted with members you've met on CS and a great excuse to travel to a place you may not have had the chance to visit alone.

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