Stanford University is on a roll lately offering a wide variety of free online courses to anyone, either through iTunes U on topics like iOS 5 Development, or through self-contained courses conducted entirely from the web that are free to enroll in. Free courses from Stanford University is a freakishly good deal, where undergrad tuition alone is about $40,000 a year! I enlisted in a couple, however, I did not receive any confirmation e-mail… Can anyone confirm?
If the other courses are as good, I wish I could take all ten, but with work and all, it would be impossible.
The latter is the case here, with Stanford offering 10 new online courses that are completely free to the public.

That class is wrapping up so if you enrolled in that one, these classes are a great opportunity to further relevant knowledge. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! For someone who couldn’t in their wildest dreams afford an education at Stanford (and who is still paying off student loans from a state school!), this is simply fantastic. Each class is taught by a renowned Stanford professor and is focused on technology and computer science, although two concentrate on the entrepreneurial side of things as well.
In each session we will focus on a different variable related to creativity, such as reframing problems, connecting and combining ideas, and challenging assumptions.

All of the projects in this experiential course will deal with some aspect of music, including listening, creating, and sharing.

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