Hank Shurba turned his record collecting hobby into a business called Remember When Records in Westmont.
Memorabilia from the '50s and '60s takes up a fair amount of space at Remember When Records in Westmont. Not long after Hank Shurba went into business selling records in 1983, the Elmhurst man started to hear buzz of a new media form destined to change music forever. Twenty-eight years later, Shurba says Remember When Records in Westmont probably would be out of business if it relied on compact disc sales.
Instead, he says, vinyl records are once again where it's at among younger audiences and serious music collectors. For Shurba, the experience of buying a freshly pressed vinyl record and putting it on a turntable is all too familiar. Growing up on Chicago's West Side, he used to ride his bike to Sears every weekend in the late 1950s to pick up the latest singles and LPs. His love of music was further encouraged by his father, who played guitar, and eight siblings, who stayed current with music trends. After high school, Shurba was drafted into the Army and later became a union sheet metal worker.
In the years following the flood, Shurba says he turned to estate sales, garage sales and record shows to rebuild his collection. Shurba and his wife, Julie, opened Remember When Records in 1983 and would go on to occupy three different locations in Downers Grove before eventually finding a permanent home at 309 W.
Shurba estimates the store carries more than 50,000 CDs and records, which fill up two floors' worth of space.
In addition, Remember When Records is one of about 1,200 annual participants in Record Store Day, an international event that aims to support independent music stores through outreach, marketing and special promotions. Record Store Day co-founder Eric Levin said the store is not alone in thriving on vinyl once again.
At the same time, Shurba says, Remember When Records has not been immune to the dwindling value of CDs, or the popularity of digital downloads among consumers.

But a few things never change, he says -- the Beatles are still his top seller, and vinyl is still fun. Despite pictures showing the 'What Do You Mean?' singer and his ex-girlfriend Selena getting cozy during a recent meetup, the exes are not getting back together as lovers. Despite pictures showing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting cozy during a recent meetup, the exes are not getting back together as lovers, according to PEOPLE. A source told the news outlet that the exes "care about each other and miss each other, but they're not getting back together right now." Both the "What Do You Mean?" singer and Selena want to remain as friends for now. The former couple ignited reconciliation rumors as they were photographed spending time together over the weekend. Most recently, Selena attended after-party of the 2015 American Music Awards hosted by Justin at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles. First labs find them toxic and Maggi noodles gets banned, then other labs find the producr non-toxic, later food safety watchdog declines the 'non-toxic' reports, now a minister says Maggi will be back. Despite the stand taken by The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Thursday said he was hopeful that Nestle's Maggi will be back on the shelves soon, drawing comfort from favourable test reports for the top instant noodles brand from some accredited laboratories. He was alluding to the test reports from the Mysore facility of the lab, which gave its report based on the samples sent to it by the Goa food safety department. Paswan made it clear that consumer interest will be paramount while deciding on the matter pertaining to ban against Maggi, while expressing concern over the negative perception such developments have created in the minds of the potential foreign investors.
FSSAI on Wednesday said Nestle India had not been given a clean chit regarding its noodles and that its ban order of June 5 was still operative, despite a noted lab in Karnataka reportedly finding the snack to be safe. But following the favourable test reports, Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza aaid he favoured a re-think on the ban since it was certified laboratory that found the popular instant noodle to be safe for consumption.
Different institutions and government authorities are clearly speaking in different voices here, leaving the snack lover confused. India's official food regulator on June 5 had banned the sale of Maggi after an allegedly high amount of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) were found in samples.
On the latest matter, Nestle has refrained from making any comment, on the ground that the matter was sub judice.

He buys, sells and trades vinyl LPs and 45s, as well as old CDs and memorabilia from the 1950s and '60s. It wasn't until a flood destroyed his entire record collection in 1972 that he began to tinker with the idea of opening his own store. He also has had in-store performances by Chicago-area acts such as the Ides of March and Jamestown Massacre, and carries movies and rock 'n' roll collectibles.
Justin and Selena reunited at a hotel bar in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles where the 21-year-old singer serenaded Selena with a rendition of "My Girl". I have a gut feeling it will return to retail shelves soon," Paswan said of the margins of a conference on fast moving consumer goods, hosted by Assocham here.
The minister's comments also come against he backdrop of the food safety regulator FSSAI declining to take note of the latest report. The whole Maggi episode is like what happens after the rains -- pots made of mud get destroyed, but utensils made from steel and brass shine. Following that, Nestle withdrew all variants of the noodle, while continuing to maintain that its products were safe.
When the two strolled the street outside the hotel, Selena couldn't keep her hands off Justin. Today, it remains one of the few independently owned record stores in the suburbs to offer both new and used vinyl. Nevertheless, the "Baby" hitmaker was spotted leaving the party with blonde singer Halsey who collaborated with him on his new album track "The Feeling".

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