Fifty years ago a bunch of Sydney uni students made history by travelling around New South Wales on a bus to protest against racial discrimination.
For two weeks they travelled to outback towns and found Aboriginal people living in poor conditions. SKYE: Hi BtN, it's Skye here and I'm on the Freedom Ride to get a better understanding of what really happened in 1965.
JULIA ROBINS, UNI STUDENT: What I think a really good thing about this trip is to encourage this next generation take off where they left off. The Freedom Ride changed the way Indigenous people were treated in our society and it was all thanks to a group of students on one important bus ride. Good job to the students who wanted Aboriginal rights and also Charles Perkins for organising all of this and the bus trip. Why would people even care about skin colour, imagine if someone's skin colour was green - how would they be treated?We love how the Freedom Ride changed how some people reacted to Aboriginal people. The freedom ride is a good idea but sometimes it contains something racist things but I still like it anyway.
It was definitely sad about the aboriginal people back in the olden days, but now its much better as they are treated normally now! I think the fredom ride was a great idea because it let's people see how horrible indigenous people are being treated and encourages people to treat them more respectfully. I would like to support all witnesses and victims that were born and raised in the era of racial abuse to Indigenous Australians. Indigenous people have the right to be free,just like the other people in Australia.I think the freedom ride is an inspiring journey. I agree that the Aboriginals should have the same rights as we do and that everyone should be treated as they would like to be treated. I think that freedom ride was a great idea as it allowed indigenous people to be once again respected by everyone as they are the true custodians of this beautiful land, Australia. I think that the 'Freedom Ride' was such a good idea because it solved some of the problems between the Australians and the Aborigines. I think freedom ride story is good because it helps kids learn about indigenous issues.
That was respectful to indigenous poeple the freedom ride was very good to aboriginal poeple. I support the story of the freedom ride because I think it isn't alright to treat aboriginal and tori starit islander people badly. I support the story because the aborigines should've been allowed to eat at the same diner or swim at the local pool at the same time as the White people.
His memory was severely impacted, his speech was affected and he was confined to a wheelchair unable to walk.

His Golani brigade's tradition is that every class that is drafted go on an overseas trip together upon their release from their compulsory service. This trip was not taken for granted as Ohad is still not independent as he cannot do many things on his own. The highlight of the trip was when they all celebrated the Seder with his family, friends and many Israeli tourists on the island of Koh Samui.
There is no holiday that symbolizes freedom more than Passover, and there is no doubt Ohad’s long journey is getting closer and closer to what he seeks the most, to be independent, which means to be free. In the clip, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is quoted and Catholics are encouraged to register to vote, study the Bible and pray. From the breaking news you need to know to the hottest trends circling the Web, TheBlaze has it all. It was called the Freedom Ride and it stood up for Aboriginal people at a time when they weren't given the same rights as other Australians. While a lot has changed since 1965, some reckon there's still plenty to be done for Indigenous rights. There's still so much work to be done, there's still, like I said we're not the lucky country yet, we need to keep going. We liked that many people on the bus were white so it showed not everyone was discriminatory.We think that it would have been so hard to be an Aboriginal person who was treated so badly by others.
But I still don't get it because the Aboriginals were the first people to step on this island (Australia), so we should respect them anyway! But I would also like to celebratethe freedom of Aboriginal rights and that everyone should be aware we don't tolerate racism anymore. Also the university students who went on the anniversary of the 'Freedom Ride' were so passionate about their culture and It was so nice to watch!
It's not fair for them because they didn't have homes or citizenship, but they where first people to live in Australia. I think it is really important to recognise indigenous Australians and give them the same rights as European Australians. Ohad's story was not supposed to take the turn that it did, but fate dealt him a blow and decided otherwise.
He has not fully recovered and still has a long journey ahead, but he has progressed more than anyone could have dreamed of.
His friends refused to break their tradition and would not accept travelling on vacation without him. The Israeli tourists were excited when they heard that Ohad would be celebrating the Seder together with them.
Joining them were students from the same uni they all used to go to and supporting the ride were young people like Skye!

I believe that the initiative taken by those people all those years ago has really paid off and they should be proud of their efforts. I believe this should of happened way before it did and that aboriginals should be well respected as this WAS their land before the British took over. His good fortune was that he and his family did not give up hope and were determined to put all of their efforts into his battle to return to a normal life.
Despite Ohad's injuries, his comrades-in-arms were determined to include him in their vacation. The initiative will continue through July 4, with events being led by faith leaders across America. Freedom 251 was unveiled on February 17, 2016 in New Delhi and the event was presided over by Dr.
Here's Tash but first a warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders viewers, this story contains images of people who've died.
So, inspired by events King championed in US, Charles organised a campaign he hoped would help. For example, Aboriginal people could only swim at local pools when other people weren't there. At midnight on the 12th of February 1965, Charles invited a big group of students to set off with him on a bus trip across country New South Wales to find out how Aboriginal people were actually being treated. They weren't allowed to sit in restaurants and if they went to the movies, they could only sit at the front. The Union Defence Minister, Sri Manohar Parrikar was also supposed to be at the event, but he got detained by a cabinet meeting.Ashok Chadha, the President of Ringing Bell said, "Let me clarify one thing, there's no government subsidy. The students saw a lot of bad things during their trip that they wanted other people to see too. The Freedom 251 takes full advantage of the benefits provided by Make in India and Start Up India."The booking for the smartphone began on February 18, 2016 at 6 am and will be closed on February 21, 8 pm. A lot of people didn't like what they were doing and they were even chased out of one of the towns! The company is charging Rs 40 for shipping, so the total you are required to pay is Rs 291. A couple of years later a big vote called a 'referendum' was held and Australia voted to remove discrimination from the constitution and to count Indigenous people as a part of the country.

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