Writing for writing’s sake is absolutely brilliant, but many of us have ambitions to be #1 on the Amazon charts, selling hundreds of thousands of books and raking in the cash!
There’s nothing wrong with ambition, especially when others have walked the path before us.
As self-published authors we are all inspired by the sight of other indie writers tearing up the bestseller lists, rolling in royalty checks, getting big bucks movie and book deals, and achieving all the things we fantasise about in those misty moments when we raise our heads from our keyboards and allow ourselves to dream. This wasn’t dumb luck, but the result of a strategy, based on years of marketing experience. Amazon UK recently released a list of the ten biggest-selling self-published books of 2012. Selling ebooks is all about exposure – it isn’t true that good books will naturally rise to the top. The effect of the social activity and picking up reviews was to slowly build sales – with the aim of getting noticed by Amazon. All the effort goes into the ascent – the slow, tortuous climb to the top, one step at a time.
My strategy was very similar to Rachel’s, except I didn’t use Twitter to reach readers (I used it, as I still do, to network with potential influencers, the bloggers and journalists and other writers who can help you gain exposure). I made sure that Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death both had strong, eye-catching covers and great descriptions, and emailed everyone I could think of who might give the books a mention.
So what are the lessons that self-published writers can learn from my and Rachel’s experience?
Design a cover that tells the reader exactly what kind of book this is and that looks professional.
Write a marketing plan and carry it out – adapting it as you go along to do more of the stuff that’s worthwhile and none of the stuff that isn’t. Instead of sending out endless links to your own followers on Twitter, try to get retweets – reach your audience’s audience. Contact, in a friendly and professional way, every single person and website you can think of who might want to give you exposure – and give them a good reason for doing so. You can download my free guide to writing a sizzling book description from IndieIQ – and I am currently accepting new clients.
What questions do you have for Mark in terms of how he and Rachel hit the top spot on Amazon? Mark Edwards is the co-author, with Louise Voss, of thrillers Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death, which were originally huge hits when self-published in 2011, leading to a deal with HarperCollins.
In June, I published Dark Currents, a novel-length sequel to The Emperor’s Edge, and in August, I published Hunted, a followup to Flash Gold. Looking back, it seems like I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of writing and publishing! I always waffle back and forth on whether I want to talk about this stuff or not, but I know folks are curious. As far as blogging goes, some of you know that I was writing a lot about self-publishing and book promotion here (sharing the things I was learning along the way), and I recently decided to break that off and start a self-publishing blog. You could always collect the related questions from interviews you’ve already done elsewhere and post them collected together here!
If you're already a fan, visit the book news area for the latest updates on my projects or to sign up for the newsletter. However, today I am feeling a bit better, good enough to send you out this holiday message.
It’s 2013 in a matter of hours, this year is going to be HUGE for many and I am so very excited. This was a quality site that people liked, however Google decided that sites based on exact match domains were evil and the site tanked. These chain of events in late 2011 were confirmation that it was time necessary to branch out and leverage other opportunities that the web offers all of us. Today, the amazon sales machine keeps me in the green, I have always focused in earning residual income verses offering services and even better the process is really pretty darn simple.
Pay attention to what type of books are selling well on the Kindle platform, this is quite easy to accomplish simply by tracking the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking in various Kindle categories. I have been preaching quality for years now, if you build, publish or push low quality anything online you will be disappointed and it’s just plain easier with quality, people buy more books, sign up for newsletter and generally engage when you offer something that matters. Understand that most Kindle authors don’t make tens of thousands and month, however anything is possible online. This year, have a plan and make it count, for me 2012 was about taking in and learning as much as I can about Kindle self publishing and leveraging Facebook.
I am grateful for my new income source but make no mistake, I had planned it out and I gave myself enough time to make it happen.
Your path to success will be much, much harder if you do not decide (for yourself) what you want to do and focus on in 2013). 2012 was the first year that I did not have a full fledged high level coaching program, while I did re-open my 300 Internet marketers program it was scaled back version from the previous year. It is far easier to focus on one particular internet marketing strategy when you’re apart of something big.
Those type’s of programs are my calling, over the years I have learned that I am a really good teacher, I am patient, love to support others and seeing the success of others fuels me.
Today, I view myself more as a product creator or teacher than marketer or shall I say …. Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Kindle is awesome but often misunderstood … too many believe that all that is needed is to publish.
This past year was a tremendous eye-opener for me, the 300 IM re-energized my desire and motivated me to refocus my efforts and I am more than grateful. I have a big plan for 2013 which I’ll be sharing over at the forum in the very near future.
All good wishes for a Happy New Year, Brian – and for your health and continued prosperity in 2013!
Have been focusing on Public Domain and Children’s books this last month and helping others get published. How to actually turn this into financial success has alluded me for 4 years, but not quitting!
There is always so much to learn, and thankfully so (it serves my low threshold of attention) LOL. First, I wish to thank you for Commission Ritual, I got it after watching a webinar you did with James Jones. I was making money with Kindle using methods taught by a marketer, and eventually Kindle closed my account. For 2013, I would like to get back into self publishing but am limited to Barnes and Nobel and I am also focusing on Adsense sites. That is tremendous to hear, glad your cashing in and getting results (money) based on Kindle Ritual.
I never got a chance to thank you for the motivation 300IM did for me in terms of getting me to put ttogther my own website and stick with it. Everytime a new update was released by google my site took an initial hit but always managed to climb back up to previous levels without me doing anything different.
My focus for 2013 is to turn this into a powerhouse site by leveraging the top sites in my field, ramp up my social media presence and build out a youtube channel for starters.

Again thanks for all you’ve helped me to achieve and I look forward to seeing you soar to even greater heights in 2013! It’s a real bummer to be sick at anytime but being so over the holidays is even worse.
I remember a few years getting an incredibly painful toothache on Christmas eve which resulted from an abscess under the tooth.
SEO button was another incentive and having learned how much of it was Danny’s work was further inspiration and a confidence builder in his ability. In the meantime, I hope you reach full recovery real soon and I look forward to becoming more involved with you later in the year. I have compiled almost 30 pages with unique material (passed duplicate test from copyscape. I have gone through your videos (first 4 chapters) twice and am planning to go through these again and shall try taking notes. I have learned a lot over the last couple of years and it all started with your Halloween course… that was the first time I actually earned money from a site. Yes diversification is on my mind and I bought your Kindle Ritual but have yet to start it.
My intentions this year are to monetize my 300im site, build more affiliate sites, and I am looking forward to participating in Danny’s Initiation program. 2013 will no doubt see many website owners take head of just the things you talk about above.
I look forward to getting into 2013 by producing my own products and following along with your teachings and Danny’s. I recently had the pleasure to co-present a webinar with Bowker on Self-Publishing: Your Path to Success. It stands to reason that the more products you have to sell, the more money you’re able to make.
Just as it stands to reason that the more products you have to offer, the more you’re likely to sell – the more places you make them available, the more you’ll be able to sell. View the complete webinar, and let us know in the comments what’s worked for you to drive book sales.
The SUCCESS Program will enable students to participate in a 10?week enriching research experience hosted by the Medical Scientist Training Program (stipend and travel allowance provided). In order to be considered for SUCCESS, students must be graduating in the year of 2017 or 2018, enrolled in a U.S.
Today, #1 Amazon UK bestselling author Mark Edwards examines some of the characteristics of what goes into a Kindle bestseller.
I have identified seven factors that can propel a book onto the bestseller lists if you can get them all lined up and firing.  But before talking about me, I want to look at another self-published success story. At No.2 was Only the Innocent, a mystery novel by Rachel Abbott, which had hogged the top spot on Amazon for a month early in the year, selling 100,000 copies at a price that earned Rachel the 70% royalty rate.
She didn’t just set up a Twitter account and start banging out links (because that’s a waste of time). She identified the blogs and sites that she thought might review her book, then created a template that she sent to the review sites clearly and politely requesting a review. Every sale takes you a little further up that hill, and more likely to get picked up by the magic algorithms. My belief was that if I interviewed someone with a large following, those followers would come to my blog to read about their favourite author, and maybe check out my books as a result.
One day, after doing this for months, sales suddenly took off – because the algorithms had kicked in. I can write a great book description for you or critique your current one.  Contact me for full details. I’ve committed to putting my first ebook out on kindle this summer, and everything you said was really eye-opening! What they are doing is talking to each other about their kid’s day, their ex husband or girlfriend and what they cooked for dinner while begging other writers to edit their work. I hope my upcoming writing and publishing experience will be more like making a snowball, bowling it down a hill, then having it grow to a gigantic accumulation of snow,(snow as a metaphor for fame and fortune). I just finished a major editing pass of the third EE book, Deadly Games, and I’m hoping to get that out by the end of November. As for what’s prompted me to write so much this last year, there were a couple of things. I’ve heard from many authors that their sales tend to increase across the series as they get more books out in the sequence.
I figured people who find this site and want to contact me about my books might not be particularly interested in those topics. I originally had the group of guys running off on adventures and someone said I needed a female in the group. In manga often they have interviews with the characters… Put up a spotlight and ask embarrassing questions (of course if the questions are spoilers they get a get-out-of-jail free card).
I was also disappointing with repeated Google updates, the last few authority sites I have built have been extreme white hat stuff.
Sure, I could have sprung into action and built a bunch of links with varying anchor text, however that was the very thing I set out not to do in the first place. I had set my sites on Kindle Self Publishing and social media marketing by way of Facebook.
If your publishing to amazon kindle with the aim of cashing in then following these simple rules are key. If you want life changing income form self publishing then put in the effort to make it happen. Today, December 31, 2012 I have a Facebook page with more than 11,000 raving fans and am earning four figures monthly (with minimal work) from my Kindle royalties and I continue with my education by studying what is working in the Amazon Kindle space. I see far too many marketers jump from one cheap offer to the next, changing strategies mid stream. I also released Kindle Ritual, which (I believe) is a tremendous value with dozens and dozens of tutorial videos (and a cool solution for kindle formatting) that can help anyone who is striving for success with self publishing on the Kindle platform. Halloween Super Affiliate and 300 Internet Marketers were just that.They were over the top, offered lots and lots of webinars, provided members a chance to work together in a true community and most importantly kept those members focused at the task at hand.
It goes without saying that effort will be required, however I am on to some amazing Kindle strategies that continue to push my Kindle earnings month after month.
It started when Alex Goad paid me a pretty sum to lead his coaching program in the Google Conquest program, by the end of that webinar series I knew that teaching online marketing was my calling. JohnsonIs a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success. However, in order to get amazon behind ANY product on it’s site you have to generate interest, that is free downloads (KDP) and sales. I also want to continue developing my website through regular weekly posts and blogrolling, and I aim to set up a linked site based around book reviews.
Between that program and your Pushbutton SEO product I managed to keep traffic consistantly growing throughout the year.
I had to go to the emergency unit of the local hospital on Christmas day and have it extracted just to ease the pain. Compiled a book for kindle but have not yet submitted it to Amazon because I am afraid what will happen if Amazon doesn’t approve it. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.

Ralph Coviello, publisher relations manager at Bowker, shared copious insights into how the self-publishing landscape has taken shape over the past few years, as well as how it may continue to evolve. Yes, press releases are a valuable tool for building awareness about your book, and you can reach the same journalists who the Big 6 publishers talk to. While taking part in this program, students will take valuable professional development courses and learn from engaged mentors; all while working in state?of?the?art research facilities. The program seeks to enhance and foster diversity in graduate study in the biomedical and biological sciences as reflected in culture, class, race, ethnicity, background, work, and life experiences. She has now teamed up with Amazon who are publishing Only the Innocent in the US while Rachel remains independent in the UK. This does not sound remarkable but you’d be amazed how few writers – and publishers, it has to be said – bother to do this. Instead, she used tools and services like Tweet Adder and Triberr to increase her exposure. I am sure that if you run such a site, and are inundated with amateur requests, receiving something that looks professional and sane will stand out. I realized very early on that the best way to sell books was to get onto the ‘also bought’ bars of popular books. Then, if you have done everything else right – the cover, the description, garnered good reviews – the boulder will grow lighter and easy to push.
It is obvious people are writing a novel in three months, not editing it, throwing it out there on amazon, begging for reviews and then wailing on facebook when they are slammed for the unbelievable amount of errors on every single page. They are putting their half done craft out their on goodreads, FB and twitter and spending a lot of the time socializing with no concept of promoting an image of who they are.
Self publishing authors need to start working doubly hard on their marketing if they want to get a decent following.
Next came Flash Gold, a novella I never would have written if I’d been thinking of getting published under the traditional paradigm. First, it’s the difference between nobody reading your work and lots of people reading it (and asking for more, thank you, good readers). I know that was the case when I released the second book, and it’s also been true for the Flash Gold novellas. They’ve been brain-residents for many years now you say, but it’d be interesting to hear about how things started?
I’m thinking it might be fun to do a call out for reader questions and answer a batch of them. If you receive fanart you could post that (with the artists permission of course), or short vignets that never made it into the series and probably wouldn’t be published otherwise. I’d be happy to post some if any artistically inclined types wanted to send something. I’m struggling to finish my first novel and to learn the technical and marketing aspects of epublishing. I had started slow but kept my eye on the prize and by April I had published my first book, this month that one book will earn me around $300 in Amazon Kindle Royalties, what is really exciting is that once the book was published I promoted the book for about two weeks and that was it. On the note of effort, I will also mention that chances are good that your already doing much of the work.
However, that program did not have live weekly webinar training that can provide members with a true education in internet marketing. This will be an extensive program, it will run for multiple months and for those that are ready it will be a game changer.
Stepped away from your 300 Marketers training when my life took one strange turn after another. My deepest gratitude to you for starting me out with your Halloween Super Affiliate course.
I was in another place online that taught Internet Marketing and never made a penny after paying a large monthly fee.
From all the great observations and advice, I’ve distilled the three most important lessons to be gleaned for your success in self-publishing. Authors who offer multiple formats of their books sell up to four times more than authors who offer their readers only a single format. The ones that will likely have the greatest impact on your print book sales are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Triberr is interesting because it’s like a club where Twitter users get together to retweet each other’s posts, thus greatly increasing exposure.
Short of getting into the Daily Deals or being chosen by Amazon for a featured list, the ‘also bought’ bars are the most important pieces of real estate on the site.
Then – when you get picked up by the algorithms and gain exposure – you can let go of the boulder and let Amazon do all the work for you! I’m a great example of if I can do it, anyone can because I was the most techno illiterate there was. I spend two to three hours a day at this blogging, commenting with email signatures, involvement in social media and book clubs and blogs. Before that, I was on-again-off-again with my writing (EE was five or six years in the making, with larges gaps in the middle where I wandered off to play games like World of Warcraft instead of doing any writing at all, ahem).
Learning how to get an ebook online and promote it were more my cup of tea (I’ve been making a living online, one way or another, since 2003). I have the same philosophy with print publishing, and I made my paperbacks as inexpensive as I could without losing money. If your posting to a website day after day then your effectively publishing (just not on the number one buyers search engine… amazon).
I will also mention that my high level coaching programs have always run for multiple months – Halloween Super Affiliate ran for four months and the original 300 internet marketers ran for six months. I am exited about the future of internet marketing in 2013 and hope you’ll still stop by and read my occasional blog post here at Marketing Easy Street. Will go check out the trainings in the members area later this week to see what I could use from that. It parted the curtain to the deep, dark internet and gave me entree to step in and look around. For ebooks, you’ll want to make your titles available on the Kindle, iBookstore, NOOK and Kobo, at a minimum. Or rather, you need to follow your plan, doing more of the things that work, and less of the things that don’t. If you can get among the first books on the ‘also bought’ bar of a top ten book, your book will also follow it up the chart.
Having been a clothing designer(among other things, many other things… including a writer and publisher), HSA was perfect.
Readers across all age groups are reading print, so there’s no predicting what format individual book buyers may prefer. Targeting the information in your press release is critical, and targeting the people you send it to is also key. Then research of SEO (I now know what that is) keywords for the site, keeping the site and on top of that keeping a blog going full of articles related to my writing. And you with your sincerity, meticulous instruction, and comprehensive caring for your students, gave me the confidence to continue in vast cyberspace until I found my own little space ship in which to navigate.

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