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It is now launching an official UK site, despite criticisms it could be perceived as exploiting impoverished women and lonely men.
The website – which specifically targets university students by offering a free premium membership to users with a university email address – also reported a 58 per cent increase in all university students enrolling in 2012. The current academic year is the first in which undergraduates can be charged up to a maximum ?9000 in annual tuition fees.
More female students at Cambridge University signed up for "sugar daddy dating" than at any other British university last year, according to an online dating website.
The traditional image of a Sugar Daddy – a mega-rich, wrinkly old divorcee who probably needs his beautiful Sugar Baby to help him up from his chair, has been wiped away in recent times.
And here’s the harsh facts for Sugar Babies – the modern-day Sugar Daddy made an average of $273,301 in 2013, a pretty steep decline from $321,482 in 2007. Atlanta has the highest number of Sugar Daddies but the most generous ones reside in Miami, followed by New York and Los Angeles.
During the summers when I worked in the Hamptons in New York as a nanny, I'd celebrate the end of a gruelling 9-hour day by grabbing a drink in East Hampton. A popular sugar daddy dating site surveyed its male members and discovered that todaya€™s sugar daddy is younger, makes less money, and is therefore spending less on their sugar baby. Women who sign up can agree to exchange their time and affection for lavish dates, expensive shopping trips and, in some cases, regular cash allowances.

The knock-on effect is the modern Sugar Daddy spends less on their Sugar Baby allowance – a drop off of $13,572 between 2007 and 2013. For a few hours, I'd sit outside expensive Italian restaurants with my chilled glass of white wine and people watch. Unfortunately for the Sugar Babies too, they are actually spending less money on their beautiful young May-December partners too. The percentage of single Sugar Daddies has also shot up over the same period, laying to rest the stereotypical image of a married Sugar Daddy playing away with his Sugar Baby. 26% of Sugar Daddies are entrepreneurs, 21% work as professionals and 16% in the finance industry. On those nights, I'd see young, attractive women - straight hair, big pouts, even bigger boobs - hanging off the arms of groomed, well-dressed older men.
It’d be difficult to refuse a first-class plane ticket to a five-star resort in Bali or attend ritzy movie premieres where you can hobnob with industry people. In 2007, 46% of Sugar Daddies were married, which dropped to 33% in 2007, proving more and more single men are choosing the unconventional relationship Sugar Daddy lifestyle.
However, Angel had more practical reasons to begin dating older, wealthy men - the financial freedom.
There is no time at which a woman isn’t able to be successful as a sugar baby.”Angel has had a positive experience as a sugar baby but that’s not always the case. I was working three jobs, going to school full time, and trying to raise my child,” she remembers.

For the first time I was able to help my family rather than being a burden on them financially.
An “Angel Baby” is a term reserved for a woman who “has made Sugar Daddy Dating her career and she usually needs a budget of at least $10,000 a month just to cover the bare essentials.” Wow, right?
According to the website, the average female university student using the website receives A?5000 per month from their "benefactors" to "cover the cost of tuition, books and living expenses". One day she watched a TV show that described what a sugar baby is and thought to herself: "Wow! She currently juggles eight different sugar daddies and sees four of them on a regular basis.Allowance from this weekend between 2 of my Sugar Daddy's! Another sugar daddy put a $10,000 (around ?6000) down payment on a car, financed the rest in her name, and continues to make payments on it every month.
She has told her boyfriend and one friend about her Sugar Daddy dating but keeps the rest of her loved ones in the dark because “it can cause a lot of turmoil if friends or family don’t approve of it.” She says the secrecy is one of the most negative parts of being a sugar baby. Public opinion is still deciding if its simply glamorised prostitution, and she’s also fearful that an employer would not hire her or fire her if they know what she does.

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