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In a related report by the Inquisitr, the release of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 has officially been confirmed for 2016.
To a certain extent, the same can not be said about the SAO anime, which has kept fairly close to the Sword Art Online light novels. In fact, Hollow Realization has Kirito and Asuna going back into time with a new VRMMORPG world called Sword Art Origin, which was created using the game’s original SAO server for Aincrad. To a certain extent, SAO: Progressive is a reboot of the original story, although it is best categorized as a retelling rather than a full remake. When Kawahara created Sword Art Online for a writing content, he quickly progressed through the story of Aincrad, jumping ahead in time by large increments. Unfortunately for A-1 Pictures, the Blu-ray and DVD sales of Sword Art Online Season 2 reflect that fact.
To put his comments in perspective, Kawahara is involved with writing multiple lights novel angles, giving input on the manga, and when the anime was being produced he attended weekly script meetings.
In October of 2015, Japanese fans were treated to the announcement trailer for the Sword Art Online movie during the Dengeki Bunko festivals in Tokyo. Fans awaiting the "Sword Art Online" season 3 release date might be in for a treat as the anime could possibly arrive as early as December of 2015.
Meanwhile, in an interview with Anime News Network "Sword Art Online" season 3 producer Shinichiro Kashiwada shared his thoughts on how far he thinks the anime franchise will go. It was also stated in the interview that the sales of "Sword Art Online" season 2 went down but is still profitable. The voice actor of lead character Kirito, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, shared some of his experiences giving life to the popular anime protagonist. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web. The author of SAO, Reki Kawahara is the author of yet another popular Light Novel titled Accel World. Please do not ask for permissions to use these images in your projects, as we do not own the copyrights for them. For fans wanting Sword Art Online Season 3 spoilers, many are focused on what will happen to Kirito and Asuna.
So far, the Sword Art Online anime has followed the details of the light novels fairly closely, and it is safe to assume that SAO Season 3 may continue this trend. If you want a more detailed explanation of the Alicization story arc, check out the previous article on that topic, but the short version is that Kazuto is attacked in the real world and his heart is stopped. In order to save her love, Asuna dives into Underworld, but peace in Underworld only comes through sacrifice.
To put things in perspective, the anime SAO Season 1 covered volumes one through four and one of the side stories of volume eight. In the end, if Kirito and Asuna are to have a happy ending together, it probably won’t be until Sword Art Online Season 4 or beyond. North American fans of SAO Season 2 are eagerly awaiting the impending Sword Art Online Season 2 English dub release date, and fortunately this time around there is not much of a wait.
In a related report by the Inquisitr, if you are looking for plot spoilers about Sword Art Online Season 3, check out our analysis of Underworld’s new characters.
According to Crunchyroll, Aniplex is releasing the Sword Art Online Season 2 English dub on March 28, 2015, at 1 a.m.
The first half of Sword Art Online Season 2 focuses on the new characters Sinon and Death Gun in a game world called Gun Gale Online.
The Sword Art Online Season 3 release date is already on the minds of many an anime fan now that the Sword Art Online Season 2 finale has been released. American viewers have been consistently searching for when the Sword Art Online Season 2 English dub is coming out from Aniplex.
Unfortunately, predictions for the Sword Art Online Season 3 release date are in the same boat. While not giving too much away, Sword Art Online Season 3 has Kirito in a new virtual world called Underworld.
Much of the story will discuss full dive technology that Kirito was only beginning to consider as theoretical during SAO Season 2.

Reki also discussed the Alicization technology in regards to the brain implants used by the characters in Accel World. The author also believes that not much at all was cut from anime in comparison to the light novels. FUNimation is also predicting the same for Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, but fans are already demanding a reboot of the anime series, since it has strayed so far from the manga. Kawahara has been involved with all of the various projects in some manners, even the video games like Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.
The Progressive light novels and manga mostly follow the path set by the original story, although Kirito and Asuna meet far earlier in comparison, but the goal is to flesh out the details.
As such, many of the potential stories were never realized, and many fans find Aincrad to be the best part of the story so far, making a return to the story’s roots very welcome indeed. The first series sold almost double of the second season, so Anime News Network asked Shinichiro Kashiwada, the producer of the anime series, if there were any plans to make a SAO: Progressive anime instead of jumping straight into the Alicization story arc. But any delays might be explained by the simple fact that Reki Kawahara is almost overwhelmed by working on so many projects at the same time. He even attends the recording sessions in order to ensure the voice actors correctly pronounce all the terminology. The director was announced as Tomohiko Ito, who also led the anime TV series, and Shingo Adachi will once again be in charge of character design for the animated movie. It is known that Kawahara will be producing a brand new story for the SAO movie, so some fans speculate that the plot will take place some time between Mother’s Rosario and Alicization. There is a possibility that new episodes can come out even later - in the summer of 2016," as stated in the website. Sword Art Online offers the hottest scenes and may be one of the best anime of our current generation. All images displayed on the site are provided only for personal use as wallpaper on computers, cell phones and other personal electronic devices. After all, Kirito spent much of SAO Season 2 adding to his waifu collection, and while Mother’s Rosario and the Excalibur story arc did feature Asuna, those stories did not develop their romance any further.
This does not seem likely since the fictional story timeline has Mother’s Rosario ending in April of 2026, while the Alicization arc begins in June of the same year. Based upon this assumption, Kirito and Asuna are in for quite a ride; although, Asuna will be absent in the anime for quite a while based upon in-game time. Without giving too much away, real world Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) has taken a job testing an experimental FullDive machine called the Soul Translator. Meanwhile, Asuna manages to get onto the Ocean Turtle, but it is invaded within a few real world days.
One of the main characters dies, pouring their dying soul into a broken sword in order to defeat a terrible enemy.
The Gun Gale Online story arc from Sword Art Online Season 2 covers volumes five through seven. The SAO movie covers the major highlights of SAO Season 1 while showing small side quests that the main characters embark on together in a new world. Kirito learns to wield both a light sword and guns at the same time, which changes up the action dramatically.
While nothing has been announced yet, fans are hoping the Sword Art Online: Underworld story arc will not require two years of waiting.
Unfortunately, Aniplex has been silent on the issue, although prior history can be used to predict when it might happen. There was a two-year gap between the first and second seasons, so at the earliest we might expect new episodes to be ready by late 2015 or early 2016. The focus is on Project Alicization, a Japanese government project run by a mysterious company called Rath.
Unless you feel like doing some reading, the closest anime example for this technology is Accel World, which makes sense because the author officially released a Sword Art Online, Accel World crossover. Considering the continuing popularity of the series, it makes sense that Aniplex would want to drag the story out as long as possible, which could be compared to how a short novel called The Hobbit somehow managed to become three long movies. But lately, it seems like the creator of the series is working his way backward with the storytelling, not forward toward the eventual ending of the Alicization story arc. The question is whether the Sword Art Online Season 3 release date will be pushed back as far as 2017 due to the movie, or if both projects will be completed in 2016.

With the amazing scenes that we all come to love and adore and the awesome comebacks, the evolution and the skill that Kirito displayed are all but amazing. In case of an error where you are the owner of an image and feel it is used unknowingly, please contact us so we can immediately remove it from our website. Unfortunately, anime fans may have to wait quite a while to find out what happens next, since the Sword Art Online: Alicization light novels have enough story content to create Sword Art Online Season 4.
Speaking of reboots, some fans are wondering if A-1 Pictures may focus on a SAO reboot based upon the SAO: Progressive light novels.
It is rumored that the Sword Art Online movie will take place some time in this time gap, but otherwise the only story material available for SAO Season 3 would be the Sword Art Online: Girls Ops stories.
A new virtual world called Underworld has been built for this purpose, but time flows much differently in comparison to the real world. In order to repair this damage, the Japanese Self Defense Force takes Kazuto to a secret base in the Pacific Ocean called the Ocean Turtle, where Kirito once again wakes up in Underworld.
The vast majority of the light novels released so far focus on telling in-game events, including wars between major powers. This attack causes the power to the Soul Translator to fluctuate, and Kirito’s soul suffers even more damage.
It is possible the SAO Season 3 anime will have a stopping point somewhere along this line, so it may not be until Sword Art Online Season 4 until Asuna has a major role. It is safe to assume that the Sword Art Online Season 3 anime may only cover a portion of the currently published Alicization story arc. Toonami will broadcast the SAO Season English dub of Gun Gale Online, Excalibur, and Mother’s Rosario.
The second portion is about a quest to recover the sword Excalibur for Kirito, while Mother’s Rosario shifts the focus to Asuna and a side plot involving the various non-gaming uses of the technology used to create the virtual reality. The release date for the SAO Season 2 English dub has also been officially announced by Aniplex.
To put things in perspective, the original Japanese anime for SAO Season 1 came out in July of 2012 and the SAO English dub release date was not until August of 2013, so there’s a good chance we may have to wait months to a year for the Sword Art Online Season 2 English dub.
SAO Season 1 covered volumes one through four and one of the side stories of volume eight, while SAO Season 2 covered volumes five through seven.
Assuming Sword Art Online Season 3 is 24 episodes long, it’s possible they may split up the Alicization story arc into multiple seasons, although a good stopping point is debatable. Much like Sinon was the focus of the Phantom Bullet, the main new character for Underworld is Alice and Eugeo. Many fans believe SAO is essentially a quasi-prequel to Accel World, and Kawahara Reki even admitted in 2013 it’s possible the series may merge again. Worse, author Reki Kawahara separates Kirito and Asuna for most of the Underworld story, and even in the most recent light novels a happy ending is nowhere in sight. While it wouldn’t be surprising if those stories eventually become animated, it would most likely be released as an OVA, not a full anime season.
So, while Kirito experiences a years worth of time during the Alicization arc, in the real world only a little over a month will pass for Asuna. The good news is the anime may proceed at a faster clip, and critics won’t be able to complain about the pacing issues. If you are looking for high quality images of Sword Art Online Underworld Release Date then find it here!
Some fans want to see wedding bells, but so far only a death knell has been rung for certain SAO characters. The recently-released story arc in the anime centered on Mother’s Rosario comes right before Sword Art Online Alicization, the major plot point of the Sword Art Online Underworld story arc. The bad news is that the next major portion of the story may take even more years to reach a conclusion.

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