That's what 25 employees at Tate Publishing & Enterprises, a Christian book and music publisher in Mustang, Oklahoma, learned after they were unceremoniously dumped from their jobs last week. Only God knows the real reason for the bloodbath, but according to The Journal Record, Tate Publishing president Ryan Tate fired 25 of his 200-member stable on May 31.
In a vitriolic rant captured by a Tate Publishing employee and given to The Journal Record, Tate sounded more like a teacher cracking students with a ruler rather than the scion of a family-owned Christian company. One former employee who quit earlier this year said Tate was often "condescending" in meetings. One of the 25 employees who was fired said she was "happy to be out of there" and has already gone on job interviews.
Dearest friend AprimI commend you for your informative analyses for this great Assyrian leader. Music has long been a golden thread in the fabric of the African American Church and community.
No one can deny that from the beginning of time, dance has had a ritualistic core to it as well. This was a strong contrast to traditional European dance which was vertically oriented (example, ballet), geometric patterning in choreography (example, Minuet or cotillion-ballroom), and generally taught to the elite.
As it relates to worship and the church, dance has not had a smooth transition throughout history. Dance within the Christian context, having sprung from Jewish tradition, was embraced by early church as an integral part of celebrations and of worship.
It is important that every generation know the significant role that African Americans have played in development of the arts in the area of worship. Secondly, he was the first black promoter on a large scale to promote the better choirs, quartets, and solo singers in and, more importantly, out of the church. It is equally important that we look at the life of African American dancers who have made incredible contributions to the field of dance.
When I was growing up, the church choir was very important in the ministry of the church. Tate authors can now expect to also have website design with hosting and :30 second video trailers created for each newly released title. That's because over Memorial Day weekend, a Tate Publishing employee circulated an anonymous email taking Ryan Tate to task for planning to lay off employees and outsource their jobs to the Philippines. But he did tell The Journal Record that his company is opening an office in the Philippines, along with, eventually, China and Australia. He threatened to sue employees and file liens against their homes and automobiles if they violated their employee contracts by talking to the media or posting neagative comments on places like Facebook. Indeed we must inform our Assyrian generation about those leaders who sacrificied their lives for our nation and beloved Assyrian people.By the way, any relationship of Raphael Khan with Shmuel Khan?
Simon ShamunMy friend and my brother Sam's collage mateTo find out about the relation between Raphael Khan and Shmuel Khan. Our African heritage is rich with music, dance, and storytelling [all sacred] and serving distinct purposes— religious, agricultural, fertility, hunting, and war. However, traditional African styles of harmony, call and response, and strong rhythmic beats were kept. During the Middle Ages various influences affected the development of Christian dance and despite increasing proscriptions concerning its value and use, it survived as a sacred dance form . To celebrate any ‘choir annual day’ and not recognize or be aware of the contribution of Thomas Dorsey would be quite unfortunate. With much controversy among the faithful, he was the first to advertise the religious concerts and charge money to see them.

How many African American dance ministries know and teach of the life of Janet Collins (1917–2003)?
And he said he would fire 25 productions workers after no one came forward to take responsibility for the anonymous email. As with most of our African history, music has been orally transmitted from generation to generation. Michael Tanner notes in his article, “The Gospel According to Brother Michael,” “All African music was naturally sacred and the concept of singing secular music was alien to them.”1 Slaves, who were allowed to commune together in worship, used this opportunity for self expression with their music [and dance].
It was used in worship celebrations and in celebrations of triumph over an enemy during war. Dorsey is respectfully called the “Father of Gospel Music” due mainly to his use of the term to describe his music and also to the number of songs he wrote that became standard music in churches. Dorsey converted back to the church and turned his considerable talents to writing religious music. For example, most of my high school choirs were predominantly black and sometimes we had to go sing to predominantly white audiences. Instead, he said, the May 31 firings took place because employees had breached confidentiality agreements by spreading rumors about the Philippines outsourcing. Western civilization and others were intentional in the suppression of African music especially among slaves. The types of dance used in Israelite society included the circle or ring dance (an African custom), the processional dance, and dances of joy which included whirling or hopping. Most of them were kind of prejudiced because they had a built-in perception that made them say, “Oh here they come hollering again.” Then, all of a sudden, they are crying and they don’t know why. Dance offers an enormous range of forms and expressions in worship from the carefully choreographed dramatic presentation to the spontaneous worship and celebration of individuals . You can be sitting there looking at your watch waiting for the service to be over and all of a sudden the music touches you. This would eventually lead to a demise of sacred dance in the church especially as Christianity made its way into the Roman Empire where dance was theatricized and commercialized. That’s why the ‘stand-up’ director became popular because they needed someone to hold all of those people together.
What the director sees is different from what most choir members see and so the director will push for that perfection and many choir members won’t be committed to that.
Religious dance also became more lascivious and sensual as it took on the forms of dance practiced during pagan rituals. I think after awhile folks would pull together and draw up a class action suit against this company. It is a federal offense to offer services, receive payment and not provide those services promised.
Then when you get your book, take that book door to door, call local bookstores and get your own book signings. This company will take anyone’s writing as long as they can collect a large sum of money. Before you take this leap, take an honest look at yourself and ask… do I have what it takes to be a writer. This company feeds on folks who are not equipped or talented enough to become an accomplished author.
If you want to be a writer then use what this company does offer and use it to your advantage.
They claim to send out press releases, none sent, all and I mean all marketing has solely been done by myself.

On my second book I was going to get help from their Ghost writers who are wonderful I signed a contract and paid $6000 on Dec 26 2013. No one even got back to me to even start the project until the middle of April 2014 at which point I had pretty much finished the book myself. Tate said the same kind of thing, not sure if that is true but he sure did not treat my book and cause for child abuse with any empathy, especially that he knew that I am giving 20% of my profits to children of abuse charities.
Contact the OK Attorney General to register your claim and potentially be reimbursed 405 521 3921. I submitted a manuscript to them about a year ago after finding them in the Christian Marketing Guide by Jerry Jenkins.
Tate just afford me a recording publishing contract the first thing the so called A and R person seed in the email he sent me (chuckle) was he was sorry he didn’t have time to call me in person (red flag) so he sent me a copy of there (services) whoops my bad I mean contract for my (lawyer) dad nab-it i mean for me to look over and sign. There are literally thousands of companies set up to take money from people who thank they are the (greatest) really that’s the oldest con in the book. I have yet to find one company out there that will get behind a talent and believe in it with there pocket books.
How much money would it cost to place one book or Cd in all the major outlets in our nation alone(?) another red flag do you really think that for a measly 5 grand that someone is going to do a real national promotion including TV, Radio, Live appearances and distribution?
There is so much talent out there yet only a hand full even get a real shot at fame every year. If I am to believe what Tate avers, I must believe that thousands of TV ads generated sales of only about 5 copies of my book. Also, I find it incredible that my book is not to be found in one Christian bookstore in the entire country. It’s available online at Amazon and a couple of other places, but there is not one hard copy in any bookstore anywhere.
They ought to be sued for lying, malfeasance, unethical behavior in general, and failure to provide proof that they have done anything for which they were paid our hard earned money.
They don’t have to answer to me, but I would not like to be one of them on judgment day. Once it has a Tate label on it, it is automatically relegated to the garbage file by any honest distributor.
Who is the world wants to promote junk …and junk is what Tate publishes as long as you can pay for their bogus fees.
LOL Debra Barnard Franz To Mark Mingle,I have found over the years that people are quick to point fingers and not take responsibility for their part in failed endeavors. I wish I had the numbers that truly reflect the percentage of people that vent their not so legit.
For when an experience is a good one, a great one, we are content and go forward with acceptance of met expectations. We have provided every detail of the publishing contract you signed, and in my last phone conversation with you I explained we could still pursue more options for you. We have already run a national TV ad campaign for you reaching over 150,000 viewers, have made multiple contacts to the media on your behalf and provided the list of contacts to you, and have contacted bookstores and scheduled book signings for you, several of which, including at national chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings, that you cancelled and did not attend once we had confirmed they would host you.
It takes years, not months, to achieve success in the publishing business, and we see it every day with authors that stay the course and follow our plan.

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