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More than 100 candidates came to Martinez Friday in the hopes of landing a teaching position with the Columbia County school system.
In these times of slashed budgets and increased class sizes, though, many left the teacher screening knowing that their job hunt must continue.
Each year, Columbia County conducts a mass teacher screening with applicants each meeting with at least three principals for prospective jobs. Once, the fast-growing system held two mass teacher screenings each year to help fill open positions.

Though the pupil population in Columbia County has grown by 22 percent since 2002, the system has lost more than $73.5 million in state funding.
In addition to numerous other cost-cutting measures to make up for the lost funding, the school board raised class sizes at least twice in recent years. Elizabeth Hemphill, a 22-year-old graduate of Georgia Southern University, knows firsthand the difficulties facing new teachers. Last year, and the year before, school officials interviewed 132 applicants, but hired just 88 in 2011 and 110 in 2010.
A strong handshake gives the impression of a strong personality.  Walk in confidently and extend your hand in a confident manner.

If you have learned more about the school by the end of the interview, and you are even more intrigued, let them know it. This will show them you are truly interested in the position.You can get an Instant Download containing 152 Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers hereYou can get an Instant Download containing 152 Administrator Job Interview Questions and Answers here Join over 47,000 subscribers that receive job search, resume writing and interview tips delivered to their inbox every week.
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