Teaching Aids: NNFNH-1 Hypothermia Significant problem in neonates at birth and beyond Mortality rate twice in hypothermic babies Contributes to significant.
Routine postnatal care for the newborn Name of presenter: Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative (POPPHI) Project BASICS.
Nursing Care of the Newborn Newborns undergo many profound physiologic and psychological changes. Anatomy of breast lactetion Breastfeeding is the best feeding for the baby & helps to develop the growth & development of the infant because it contain.
Doug Simkiss Associate Professor of Child Health Warwick Medical School Serious maternal and neonatal infections in the local context. Health Literacy of the community and the role of Physicians, Politicians and Policy makers to achieve health related MDGs and beyond Zafrullah Chowdhury. IMCI young infants aged between 7 days and 2 months MAJID MOHAMMADIZADEH MD ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PEDIATRICS ISFAHAN UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT. Teaching Aids: NNF NC-2 Principles of care at birth Establishment of respiration Prevention of hypothermia.
Objectives To describe evidence-based routine care of a newborn baby at and soon after birth NC- 2 Teaching Aids: ENC.

Examination at birth Aim o To describe and carry out an examination of a baby soon after birth Objectives o To screen. Teaching Aids: ENCNT-2 Hypothermia Significant problem in neonates at birth and beyond Contributes to significant morbidities. Introduction In many developing countries, complications of pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes. To create necessary interest in students demands use of teaching aids at every step while teaching maths. We make use of different sense organs while learning with teaching aids so more effective learning. Personal Equipments- May include Text Books Writing Equipments Drawing instruments– pencil, crayons, sketch pens, stencils etc. Personal Equipments of the students: Personal Equipments of the students These equipments include instruments which the child has to frequently use for his individual use. Students should have their own personal equipments in the class while learning maths especially Geometry.
Teacher should emphasize on bringing own instruments instead of borrowing as it is time consuming and lazy habit for students.

Geometrical instruments: Geometrical instruments Can we make maths more interesting and easy using all these teaching aids?: Can we make maths more interesting and easy using all these teaching aids? The laboratory which is well equipped with mathematical instruments and tools required to teach and learn mathematics in the classroom. A mathematical lab act as a place for teachers and the students to perform a number of mathematical celebrations and recreational activities.
Mathematics Laboratory is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. Some almirahs racks cupboards and tables and a room to store and stock the articles before any purchase of the thing is made. Without storage units the material will remain scattered, unarranged and exposed to dust not easy to find when required. This is the minimum equipment which help to display diagrams ,solutions for problems in steps, gives concrete idea about figures and objects.

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