However, advances made in second language acquisition (SLA) theory and research over the last 4 decades have given us much insight into what effective instruction needs to minimally include. A pivotal finding from second language acquisition research is the following… Learners cannot acquire an L2 without having access to abundant amounts of comprehensible input. Unfortunately, not all the input that students are exposed to is actually usable for language acquisition.
In order for students to make use of the input they receive, they must connect the new language forms they hear or see to the meaning or function that these forms express. Whenever you say something meaningful to your students in the target language, you are providing them with input and with opportunities to make form-meaning connections! Each time you say something to students in their L1 that could be said in the L2, you are ROBBING them of opportunities to make form-meaning connections!

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Showing two productive TBL techniques for whole lesson design and a variety of shorter activities for deliberate practice. The learner can understand enough of the input to get a gist of what someone is trying to communicate.
Input provides the linguistic data that a developing linguistic system needs in order to start the process of language acquisition. SYSTEM FORM-MEANING CONNECTIONS INPUT OUTPUT (VanPatten, 2003) Language acquisition begins with input. When students make a form-meaning connection from input, that input becomes usable for language acquisition.

In order for students to produce good output, they must first receive good input and be guided to connect form and meaning. Over time, this processed input may become a part of the student’s new developing linguistic system. Form-meaning connections that DO make it into the developing linguistic system may eventually be accessed for the creation of output.

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