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Interviewers want to know why you are the best fit for their institution -- such as what you can and are willing to teach along with your research interests.
In addition, you meet with many individuals including existing faculty, the department chair, the dean and students. Many times, interviewers ask you to make a presentation, and a bad showing can sink your employment odds.
Your presentation topic should match what you are prepared to teach with what is currently in demand at the college or university.
Request a copy of the syllabus in advance -- and confirm where students are in the course calendar.

Do not take a new approach during your demonstration; go with a content and presentation style that you know. Strike a balance that demonstrates your knowledge of theory while taking advantage of spontaneous moments to apply concepts practically. This makes sense for an institution that expects faculty members to supplement teaching with research agendas. For a faculty job interview, it’s best to choose a completed analysis -- meaning you have written an article that is under peer review or has been published. Address your research question, study design, methods and key findings along with cutting edge aspects to your approach. Simply state that the question is intriguing and you look forward to exploring it in the future.

In addition, prepare supporting materials to guide your audience -- particularly when presenting sophisticated subject matter.
Addressing audience members incorrectly, including mispronunciation, could give a negative impression.

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