WelcomeWe are the creators of a number of popular websites for teachers, offering thousands of great teaching ideas and activity resources. Teaching IdeasTeaching Ideas has thousands of free lesson ideas, activities and display resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.
So thanks from Melbourne, Australia!'CatherineTeaching PacksTeaching Packs offers complete packs of teaching resources, linked to the topics that you teach. Comment on Volunteer to Pilot NGSS Test by Mary LordComment on Volunteer to Pilot NGSS Test by Mary MelnickComment on Digest This!

The Teaching with Contests website lists various contests suitable for use in the classroom with students, as well as competitions geared to educators.
The site has been supporting educators since 1998 and teachers regularly submit their own resources to share with others via the site. Teachers can join the site and download all of our current packs and any that we make throughout the period of their membership. It features contests and programs that have a primary goal of education, such as the Audubon Photography Contest, PBS Design Squad Trash to Treasure Contest, and The Ron Clark Academy’s Great American Teacher Awards.

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