What to do this weekend and beyondWondering what to do this weekend — and into the long one? Canada’s curling teams will play for gold in Sochi beginning next week wearing the latest in uniform technology. Team Canada, from left, Jennifer Jones, Kaitlyn Lawes, Jill Officer, Dawn McEwen, Kirsten Wall and coach Janet Arnott. The Canadian sportswear company Mondetta Clothing, based in Winnipeg, has once again designed and manufactured the uniforms for the Canadian teams to compete in curling’s biggest event.
Team Canada will have three different uniforms — predominantly white, predominantly red and predominantly black and grey (click here for a document showing all of the designs).
Birchard’s team from Winnipeg (third Nicole Sigvaldason, second Sheyna Andries, lead Mariah Mondor, coach Bruce Birchard) beat Ontario’s Jamie Sinclair (Manotick) 10-6 in an extra end in the semifinal on Sunday at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre.
With the victory, the Manitoba champs advance to the gold-medal game later Sunday against British Columbia’s Corryn Brown (Kamloops), beginning at 5 p.m. Manitoba scored four in the fifth end to take a 5-2 lead, but Ontario fought back with steals in the seventh and 10th ends to force an extra end.
The Manitoba women will be going for that province’s 10th Canadian junior women’s championship (second only to Saskatchewan’s 11), and first since Kaitlyn Lawes won the second of her back-to-back titles in 2009 at Salmon Arm, B.C.
Maybe the people of Scotland were shocked because we did so well during the round robin games, but we did exactly the same think in Moscow two years ago – we won every single game going into the final. Many European countries of course, often where there are many curlers and where the good ”bonspeils” (tournaments) are, so Switzerland, Norway, Scotland. Your team didn’t compete in the Vancouver Olympics – how does it work that you are the team going to Sochi? When I was in 7th grade, in Sveg, we had a really great English teacher (a Swede) who took us to the curling rink there, and almost all the class continued to do curling for many years.
Swedish monthly magazine and a must if you want to keep up with the latest news and upcoming events. L-R, skip Kelsey Rocque, third Danielle Schmiemann, second Holly Jamieson, lead Jessica Iles, alternate Kristen Streifel, coach Amanda-Dawn Coderre.
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All will feature the traditional Maple Leaf on the back, as well as over the player’s heart and along both sleeves.

The others were in 1995 at Regina (Chris Galbraith and Kelly MacKenzie [Scott]); in 1984 at Fort St. 28-March 10, 2013, in Sochi, Russia, which will serve as a test event for the 2014 Winter Olympics curling competition. You can’t take anything for granted – every game is a separate one despite all the previous results. First you need to be part of the Olympic committee elite program and then the national coach nominates the team and the committee approves it.
It’s not like in Canada where you have to live where you play, where you have provincial competitions, etc.
Last season was our first in the Olympic program so we have a small scholarship that allows us to work 50% and do curling the rest of the time. That’s because they want medals in the winter sports and so they are putting a lot of money for that.
Three of the 8 teams in the super league were from Sveg, so we had a really strong tradition there. Also they have more stability in their upper body, but the biggest difference in the level of play is because there are so many more male curlers than women so they get better in the top place. I prefer to do that myself because I can get a good view of and focus on just one sheet (of ice) rather than all four sheets. It will be like nothing we have experienced before because the competition is similar to the ones we play, so we I think we have to focus on our competition and try to get energy from the other Swedish athletes and their hopefully good results, but I think we need to be quite humble to the fact that it will be a very big event and we have to try and focus on our competition. We should be able to take some medals in cross country skiing, also some trick events like ski jumping and free ski, and of course the men’s hockey. We will go there and do our sport and be part of a sports community where you don’t need to discuss politics or religion or other stuff.
If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. The full kit consists of a jacket, long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, pants and socks, all manufactured with the focus of not only looking good but also providing the athletes with the most advantages in terms keeping them dry and comfortable on the ice, using the latest technology in the fabric design. Canada has won a leading 17 world junior men’s titles since 1975 and eight women’s crowns (one behind Scotland) since 1988. During the early days we didn’t travel there so much because it was a bit expensive but when we got the means for it we try to go there as often as possible because that’s where the best competitions are.

Since the last olympics, the winner of that team formed another team, and then we won a silver medal at the European championship and were selected into the Olympic committee program.
When you play at this level there are so many competitions, the championships are a week or two long and we are away so it’s hard to be able to both work and do curling.
Also, after a few years it was obvious that this was a sport where you could advance quite quickly and had a good chance to represent Sweden in the juniors (which I did in 1997).
Also there is an instinctiveness about it and you need to be precise and have a feeling for the stones and the ice. Also, the Canadian commentaries are really really great – I think the Swedish ones are good, too, but the Canadian level of tactical knowledge is so much greater. We will be there a few days before the start, so we will get to see the opening and closing ceremonies, and that’s really exciting!
I think sports is a great chance to meet on the same ground and that’s what we will try to do. After five years in her husband’s homeland of Scotland, she recently moved her family to Sweden and she writes about their new life for Swedish Press. The last Canadian teams to win world junior titles were skipped by Saskatchewan’s Marliese Kasner (Miller) in 2003 in Flims, Switzerland, and by Bottcher last year. Since then we have competed against each other to be the best Swedish team and national coach selected the team he thought would be the best for the Olympics. It’s been great this season because we can put more time into ice practice and physical training as well as tactical discussions and the pshychology of curling - so that has been really good.
I also played basketball, but the court was 100 kilometers away… it’s easier with curling, there are just four players. In some competitions in Switzerland they let both women and men play in the same competition. We were one team from Sveg and one team from Skelleftea and we put those teams together because they didn’t have enough players and we continued to play for Skelleftea. I remember watching curling on Canadian television and it seemed particularly engaging, really drawing in the viewer to the players.

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