Teen dating violence can happen in any relationship and is found in all racial, economic and social backgrounds.
Nearly 1.5 million high school student’s nationwide experience physical dating violence, such as being slapped, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In Arizona, 17.3 percent of youth reported being a victim of one or more incidents of teen dating violence, according to the 2010 Arizona Youth Survey done by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission. The CDC defines teen dating violence as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking. Zoe’s relationship got so out of control that she had to block her ex-boyfriend on seven different forms of communication including Facebook, two e-mail addresses, Instagram etc. In Arizona, dating violence falls under the Arizona Revised Statute that covers domestic violence. Today, a third domestic violence misdemeanor can be tried as a felony resulting in prison time.
The CDC as well as other governmental and non-governmental agencies have recently recognized teen dating violence as a significant public health problem as the numbers of offenders continue to increase. Teenagers who experience dating violence could be more likely to get involved in violent relationships and have health problems as young adults, said said Deinera Exner-Cortens, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health Centre for Prevention Science in London, Ontario. One of the primary risk outcomes of dating violence is that it puts people on a path of becoming a victim of violence in future relationships. It is important to teach children at a young age what a healthy relationship looks like, said Exner-Cortens.
Rachel Leinson is a reporter for Arizona Sonora News, a service from the School of Journalism with the University of Arizona.
And the consequences of teen dating violence appeared to impact young women and men slightly differently.
Exner-Cortens did suggest that the power imbalance in abusive heterosexual relationships often tips toward men.

Since researchers found such a high risk for re-victimization among young adults who had experienced dating violence earlier in their lives, the study’s authors recommend investing in screening and prevention programs to adequately address issues of intimate partner violence in our society. BOSTON - A Wayland man could spend the rest of his life in prison after murdering his former high school girlfriend. Teen dating violence is any controlling, abusive or aggressive behaviour that occurs in a romantic, dating relationship.
Physical violence: While shoving and pushing can be an indication, hitting is conclusive that your partener is abusive.
Teen dating abuse can cause the victim to develop a low self-esteem, depression, become suicidal, develop addiction to drugs or alcohol, develop eating disorders or engage in dangerous sexual activities.
She wasn’t allowed to hang out with her friends or any other boy besides him, not even male relatives. Arizona is among the second worst tier for percentage of students who experienced dating violence. But somehow he still managed to contact her leaving Zoe no choice but to consider filing a restraining order. The statue applies in situations where the victim and defendant was or is in a romantic or sexual relationship. In Arizona, aggravated domestic violence, involving serious injury to the alleged victim or the use of a weapon, carries a potential sentence of up to 3 years in prison. In Maricopa County for instance, there were 770 adult offenders under supervision in the Domestic Violence Program in 2014 compared to 707 in 2013, according to the Maricopa County Adult Probation 2014 and 2013 annual reports. Exner-Cortens and her colleagues also found that teens who were victims of dating violence faced higher rates or depression, suicidal thoughts and heavy drinking.
Arizona consistently ranks among the states with the highest domestic violence homicide rates, according to Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
The focus is education on prevention and being proactive rather than reactive in teaching teens about dating violence.

Health care professionals say it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness and focus on ending the cycle of dating violence.
The teen girls who were victimized by a boyfriend were more likely to engage in risky behaviors like smoking and heavy drinking five years down the line, and they also had an increased chance of experiencing symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide.
Nathaniel Fujita was sentenced to life without parole following his first-degree murder conviction in the death of Lauren Astley in July 2011. Not surprisingly then that one third of young girls experience some form of abuse and violence in their first relationships as teens. If your partner throws a TV out of the window – the message is that he can throw oyu out the window too.
Persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence must complete a domestic violence offender treatment program in addition to fines, jail or probation. Every five minutes a law enforcement officer responds to a domestic violence call in the state of Arizona, according to the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
About 20 percent of respondents of both genders said they had experienced some type of psychological violence within a dating relationship, and ten percent of girls and eight percent of boys cited both psychological and physical violence. The teen boys who were victimized by a girlfriend were likely to exhibit increased anti-social and delinquent behaviors and have suicidal thoughts.
Is it possible that many young people are learning violent behaviour from domestic violence they have witnessed in their own homes and in schools? And when researchers followed up with the same participants five years later, they found that those who had experienced dating violence as teens were two to three times more likely to be in violent relationships later in their lives.
The lead author of the study, Deinera Exner-Cortens, told USA Today that more research is necessary to determine how aggression functions in teen relationships and why intimate partner violence impacts teen girls and boys differently.

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