Testosterone is getting a lot of attention from bodybuilding publications and websites these days and for good reason. Now, since you are on this site we are going to assume you are interested in either building more muscle mass or losing fat – so you should be very interested in getting your testosterone levels as high as possible! Maybe ita€™s intentional so that we dona€™t act aggressively or maybe ita€™s just an innocent by-product of all the junk food we are consuming. Either way ita€™s time to start paying more attention to our lifestyles and focus on the impact ita€™s having on our t-levels.
Our testosterone levels peak between the ages of 20 and 30 and begin a slow and steady descent thereafter.
The last thing you want is to put in hard work in the gym and eat a clean diet only to see no progress made at the gym. When you go to the gym do you tend to spend endless hours going through each individual piece of equipment?
It seems odd that spending so much time in the gym could be bad for you but thanks to science we are able to discover these types of things. Just to clarify, compound movements are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Now some of you might be thinking that these types of exercises can be performed on a machine.
While that might be true you wona€™t get anywhere near as much testosterone production from doing them that way.
They also allow you to perform the movement in a way that is natural to your body rather than locking it into a fixed pattern.
Studies show that taking approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes between sets is ideal for keeping t-levels high and reducing cortisol levels. If you have a hard time keeping track of time try using a stopwatch so you know exactly how long it has been. Having said that, if you just came off a particularly difficult set dona€™t be afraid to give yourself a little bit of extra recovery time if you really need it – just dona€™t make it a habit. That means training in the 8-12 rep range but also going past failure every once in awhile. If you are consuming a diet that is low in carbohydrates you might be hurting your testosterone production according to some studies. Aim for 35% of your calories to come from fats, with a…“ of that coming from saturated fats.
There are tons of natural ingredients out there that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels! Vitamin B6 – Stimulates androgen receptors in your body making it produce more testosterone.
TheA bestA way to get all the benefits without having to spend half your day preparing complex recipes is to consume a high-quality testosterone booster. These products will use natural ingredients like these that are scientifically proven to boost t-levels. Reading our guide will only take you a couple of minutes but it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Alcohol impairs the body's production of antidiuretic hormone, which tells the kidneys to retain water. Your eight hormone secreting glands aren't the only things in your body that emit hormones. It was in the 1800s that scientists realized organs must have some sort of chemical communication system.
Bombarded with adverts promising a longer, healthier life, BBC News Los Angeles correspondent Peter Bowes goes in search of eternal youth.
Inspired by a muscle magazine that someone left in his examination room, Life decided to get in shape.
Life believes that the right kind of exercise and nutrition are important - but correcting hormone deficiencies are the key to his success.
It is an area of medicine that is subject to much debate and often focuses on the question of what is "normal" ageing.Life argues that the medical profession is too conservative.
The Venezuelan president threatens the seizure of factories that have stopped production as opposition protesters press for his removal. Ita€™s the most important male hormone and plays a huge role in building muscle and losing fat.
Having said that, it seems as though society is fixated on keeping everyone’s t-levels low. As a result once you are outside of this range you need to be extra careful about what you are putting in your body. To help you avoid that wea€™ve put together a list of ways you can get your testosterone levels turned up! Although Arnold bragged about spending hours in the gym each day the truth is that doing that will cause your cortisol levels to spike which can actually reduce your testosterone levels! Since cortisol is literally a testosterone killer ita€™s best to avoid these marathon training sessions.
We dona€™t have to wonder what exercises give the best results anymore – wea€™ve already figured that one out. Therefore a great percentage of your overall muscle mass is working and you can lift larger weights. For example, squats and bench press could be performed on a smith machine instead of doing them with free-weights. The free weight versions are more difficult because they recruit stabilizer muscles so you are actually working more muscles overall. As a result, try to keep your carb to protein intake at about 2:1 if you are trying to build muscle.
Although ita€™s not the cleanest food out there ita€™s linked with testosterone production – as studies have shown, consuming more of it leads to higher testosterone levels when resting. Supplementing Vitamin D has been shown to increase resting t-levels, not to mention it improves your overall health and reduces your chances of developing all kinds of nasty illnesses. Also it suppresses the development of estrogen in your body making the testosterone already there that much more effective.
Your libido will be higher and you will be putting on more muscle while shedding that unwanted body fat.

This means that just because you slept 10 hours each of the last 3 nights, your hormones and other systems haven't fully recuperated from that week where you only slept 3 hours per night. He started an intensive regime of working out at the gym and within a year transformed his body. Compound free-weight exercises like bench press, deadlifts, squats and pull-ups yield the best results in terms of testosterone products compared with bicep curls, lateral raises and other isolation exercises. Once you get to your usual failure point get a partner to help you push the weight up for an extra couple of reps.
Research has shown that yields a great result in terms of testosterone production – just make sure you dona€™t overdo it. This is exactly why we spent over two months researching ingredients found in test boosters. There is not a single person on Earth who is not completely dependent on their endocrine system. In 1998 he entered a competition, the Body for Life contest, for people who have made dramatic changes to their physique. They don't tell you you're a D-student," he says.Sex hormones - oestrogen in woman and testosterone in men - fulfil many roles in the body.
In fact he has a level of muscular definition that many men never achieve.Genial, soft spoken, bald and lean, Life, who practised family medicine for much of his career, is a poster child for the longevity business. To his surprise he won first prize in the section for 55-year-olds and older."It changed my life and I felt great," he says.
They get re-energised, they start seeing body fat disappear and muscle growing."Different laboratories vary in what they consider to be a normal testosterone level.
Studies have shown that they are involved in age-related changes, such as the development of dementia. During overtraining this system malfunctions and hormone levels can be devastative, but training and controlling the firing rate of this system can optimize athletic success. Your endocrine system is basically responsible for keeping every other system in your body under control.
He was in his late 50s when he realised that as a paunchy middle-aged man, he could drop dead at any time.
From your hunger sensations to the way your heart races when you’re scared, that is all due to your hormones.
While in his 60s, he visited Las Vegas for a medical conference and was introduced to Cenegenics, an age management company that aspired to make its patients "look and feel years younger".
Today we’re going to go over some more fun facts about the way that your endocrine glands and hormones affect your life and behavior. These are things you may never have thought about but at the very least you will gain some knowledge about how your body works.

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