Sprint introduced a new plan for Boost Mobile customers this afternoon – the Data Boost. The plan goes live February 3, but to take advantage of the cheap price, customers will need to be enrolled with auto pay, which knocks a few bucks from your monthly bill. In September, Boost Mobile launched Data Boost plans providing choice and flexibility to meet consumers’ data needs. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. As one of Sprint's prepaid mobile offerings, Boost Mobile's big draw is that it's affordable.
Boost Mobile previously offered plans with shrinking payments, meaning a customer could take its $55 plan and lower it down to $40 a month. Boost’s Monthly Unlimited Select plans offer value-conscious consumers three easy-to-understand plans that all include unlimited talk, text and data1. It's nice to have but however he got the plan (probably grandfathered though I doubt the no-contract part) it will be unavailable to a majority of people which makes boasting posts like all but useless. The reality is since most Americans are locked into contracts and we have only 4 carriers there is little to no competition.
I will probably buy myself new phone this year, though I may also end up waiting until 2017 (or longer). I already bought myself a new phone this year, and don't plan on upgrading again this year. I already bought myself a new phone this year, but I may end buying another before the year ends. This funding is intended to accelerate the development of TigerText Pro for Business, their messaging platform for corporations.

With Data Boost, Boost Mobile users can receive unlimited talk, text, and 2.5GB of high-speed data, all for $35.
In addition to the new $35 Data Boost plan, for a limited time customers will receive up to $100 off any new phone when they port their number to Boost from any carrier2 and sign up for a Data Boost plan.
Users who exceed that amount then find themselves throttled down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month. There are no higher plans available, meaning none of the options provided actually offer unlimited high speed data. Each plan offers different data usage thresholds to help address the varying data needs of consumers.
Most of prepaid plans in the US provide unlimited talk, text and limited amount of high speed data. I don't think it's correct to say, "meaning none of the options provided are actually unlimited," since my data will never stop and I'll never pay more than whatever my monthly is.
I've just signed up with 3 in Ireland, I'll get unlimited texts, unlimited weekend calls and 15GB of data (Up to 4G depending on coverage), for only €20 per month! This system is SOX secure, referring to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and allows users to communicate securely. To make matters worse, all video streaming may be limited to 3G, regardless of how much of your allotment is left. Anyone who wants to use more than 5GB of Sprint's network data without being throttled would be better off actually using Sprint.
Boost further simplifies the consumer shopping experience by making the Monthly Unlimited Select plans available on all phones in its device portfolio. So I cringe when someone hits that cap and is slowed to 2G on CDMA, that's slower than dialup.

This can include group messaging sessions about sensitive subjects or keeping an entire mobile salesforce up to date about pricing and policy changes. Currently, over 20 healthcare organizations including HIMSS, Cone Health, and Scheurer Hospital Network use their private mobile messaging services, and there are more in the pipeline. Signing up for Auto Re-Boost is the easiest way to make sure a customer’s account and services stay current and active. Auto Re-Boost is Boost’s automatic payment method that allows a customer to register a credit card or debit card, or bank account with Boost Mobile which will be used to automatically make a payment each month.
The other type of plans are called postpaid because you receive a bill at the end of your monthly billing cycle.
A partner from each company, John Friedman from Easton and Somu Subramaniam from New Science Ventures, joined the board of TigerText as part of the funding. These factors encouraged Easton Capitol and New Science Ventures to invest in Tiger Text, which is expected to continue to grow with increased development.
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