The Anonymous Crime Line was established to offer citizens a safe and anonymous way to assist the police by reporting suspicious circumstances or criminal activity. Persons with information about a crime or the whereabouts of a wanted suspect should call the 24-hour confidential tip line at (847) 695-4195 and leave a message with the information that could assist the police with their investigations.
If you wish, you can complete an online form and press submit to send the form to the police department.
The right Insurance for your particular needs helps protect you and your family during the unexpected ups and downs of life and especially when they need it most - death. If you have questions, or would like more information, feel free to use the EMAIL form below. I have to be honest, I thought the results for this poll would swing the opposite way and that more people would text than call.
After all not everyone can freely use a mobile phone at work, so sometimes texting is the easier and more covert way of replying to a missed call or text.

However, after asking 1,000 people we have found that a massive 68% of people would rather pick up the phone than text back. When asked why it seems the most popular reason for this, was that texts can sometimes get misconstrued due there being no tone or personality in so many words.
I can see the point here, how many times have you been in the position where you have sent a quick text, short and to the point, only to get a text back asking me ‘what’s wrong’ or ‘are you in a mood’. Featured Articles - A collection of featured articles that consist of tips and tricks for your phone or tablet.
Join us on Facebook and invite your friends to the UK's #1 Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison site. Build your brand by connecting to the Penguins Text Message Club or Student Rush Club with a special bounceback offer or promotional message.
You can send this form anonymously; however, if you choose, you may include your contact information.

However, it is helpful if you do leave your name and phone number in the event a detective needs additional information. Tips that lead to significant felony arrests or the prevention of a serious crime may result in a cash award up to $1,000.
Again, all information is confidential and no one will ever know that you called the police.

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