A massive scam is sweeping major cities across the country, where crooks solicit credit card numbers from unsuspecting people through text messages. You receive a text message or phone call that claims the following: your credit card information has jeopardized and in order to re-active your card, you must enter your account number. Report these credit card phishing scams immediately to your financial institution (by calling the number on the back of your card) as well as law enforcement. Apply these simple common sense steps whenever you receive communication from your bank, it will drastically lower the odds you will ever fall victim to this scam.
Capital City Press Federal Credity Union members and non-members are receiving calls to their cell phones from an anonymous source utilizing a computer simulated voice to inform the recipient that their debit card has been compromised and they need to provide their card number to get it reactivated. I ALWAYS get stupid texts not asking for credit cards but trying to get me to visit scam websites or something else. Editorial Disclosure Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. User Generated Content Disclosure Forum member posts, comments and responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser.
Essentially, the new feature would allow the user of a phone to determine what content is “objectionable” to them and censor that content in future text messages. Some say that Steve Jobs and Apple are simply trying to strive for “freedom from porn,” as Jobs famously put it himself. Others say that Jobs is simply striving to monitor and filter the content Apple users can have access to. The benefits from a feature such as this are numerous, and more will likely arise as time goes by.
The idea that Steve Jobs passionately fights against porn because of his moral compass is a bit simplistic and naive.
In 2010, Jobs removed approximately 6,000 “adult” apps from their app store, yet the Playboy app remains. More and more, Apple seems to attempt and control the content its users access on their devices.
This device is on the border of becoming too much, and it will move past that border if Apple includes some list of default words that are not permitted for transmission over iPhones. And what about that little thing called “context?” Does a parent really need to spend hours setting up the device and entering every single sexually charged phrase or slang word they can think of? We definitely hope to find more on this story and technology as it comes closer to release. Sorry about that, hopefully we will be able to fix that soon when we adjust the look of the site. Why do they censor It seems like only authority or government has the ability of judgement and thinking, but other people are dumb.

It definitely feels like government and large corporations think their judgement is the ultimate one.
The emergence of free messaging apps has led to a drop in wireless carriers’ text-messaging revenue in the past few years, but texting continues to be the key to their business plans, an analyst says.
Indeed, mobile subscribers had to pay up to 20 cents to send a text message or were required to pay for a monthly package. WhatsApp has become one of the world’s top five most downloaded mobile apps, and since it is available on all platforms, the owners say the app facilitates the transmission of over a billion messages per day. Digitcom, established in 1991, sells and supports Avaya, NEC, Cisco, and Nortel voice & data solutions, including the Avaya Partner, IP Office, and Communications Manager (S8300 ), Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Unified Communications Manager Express (and UC500), and Nortel Norstar, and BCM 200, BCM 400, and BCM 450.
While it sounds like common sense to not fall for this lie, the message can sound convincing when they reference your specific financial institution.
Call the number on the back of your debit card or credit card and ask them if the message is real. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including the order in which they may appear within listing categories. When said content is discovered in a text message, the objectionable words will be removed or the text will simply not be sent. Over the last year, Jobs has suddenly come to the forefront of the fight against internet porn, particularly on Apple products.
In other words, he is telling the owners of Apple computers and phones what to watch, read, and now, write. For example, the feature would allow for monitoring the amount of Spanish words used in text messages.
He may feel a certain opinion toward the debate, but his decisions are surely based on the company’s best interests.
That in itself gives insight into the moral decision making process Jobs and Apple live by. Can you censor the word “bang” in a sexual context without censoring every other use of the word? Once the technology is developed and comes closer to release, we will have a much more in-depth analysis of the system and how it will be working for you. As a study by the media and telecom consultancy Lemay-Yates Associates highlights, more than 50% of iPhone and BlackBerry owners use the pre-installed native messaging app. In fact, its ability to send unlimited free messages locally and internationally pushed it to No.
According to data released last month by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), consumers’ use of paid texting services is continuing to rise. On monthly data plans, wireless players on average collect $39 for a 500 MB plan, $58 for 1GB plan and $75 for more than 2GB per month.

Recently in Kalamazoo, Michigan these fake messages were sent out to cell phone customers in the area.
The administrator, or designated user of the communication controls, will also be notified that the objectionable content was discovered.
They can set up this new communication device to look for specific words, inappropriate content, and even different languages.
If a child is having trouble learning Spanish, his mother might require that he used 10 Spanish words each day in his text messages.
In the long term, Apple will likely make more profit from entire families choosing Apple products throughout their lifetime than from porn addicts.
They remove apps because women are shown in bikinis, but the Playboy app showing completely nude women is okay.
It’s also a major danger for Apple because many of its most dedicated customers only like the products because, let’s face it, they are cool.
I’m trying to read your blog on my iPad but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Now, the wireless players have changed their strategy: Since November, incumbent carriers Telus, Bell, and Rogers have included unlimited text messaging in their basic wireless plans.
The data reveals that Canadians sent an average of 274 million text messages on a daily basis at the end of September 2012, up from about 240 million messages a day recorded a year previously.
The message claimed it was from Kalamazoo County State Bank – a real bank in the area. When a parent has the option to get their 12-year-old a phone with or without a communication censorship device, most would choose the ladder.
The apps approval process seems unfortunately similar to the Facebook “ad philosophy.” Both of them essentially tell us that they have the final word, no matter what you think or say.
But will that coolness factor be enough to hold the Apple customers when the Google Android allows much more freedom of content? Of course not everyone that received this message randomly would be a customer of this bank, but still a small percentage would be.
Many these customers figured that the message must be real, because it indeed was their bank. Kalamazoo County Sheriff reported that at least two people fell for this, and money was withdrawn out of their accounts from an ATM in Ireland this past weekend.

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