So, for the uninitiated, the nervous or the miserable (or anyone who is none of the above), here are 16 flirting fails that will make your life look significantly more joyful. Afterward I stretched, did some abs, and some basic arm weights while chatting with other ladies about why people feel the needed to run to the store and stock up on food when it’s supposed to snow for two days. The rules that apply to male-texting have been a topic of interest recently, as a guy I know was looking for advice (from another guy) on how to get a girl.
As the rest of the midwest prepares for the end of the world, I got up for my 4 mile speedwork run. Of course they analyzed text message conversations, social interactions, and body language.

My husband, however, just started texting before Christmas when we got our iPhones…and he hates it! I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that offering differing opinions can stimulate healthy discussion. Please always feel free to let me know what you are thinking, but please do so in a kind and helpful manner. But I’m so terrible at working from home and I reaalllyy wanted to organize our new work room today.
I send him nice texts from time to time, and he will send back one word answers…so boring!

And cute outfit, it looks JUST like what I wear a lot; dress with cardigan and belt, and tights and high boots. Any comments that are deemed to be rude or hurtful with no opportunity for positive outcome will be removed. Just make half with tofu or beans, and since it already has brown rice and veggies, any healthy food lover should be happy!

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