At the time of its launch, the Android Marketplace was a small repository filled with some countable apps. It’s hard to list out which applications are the best, since different users have different preferences. Google have done a good job with the native Chrome browser available on recent Android devices. With the robust capabilities smartphones have, it is now entirely possible to get all your news from your device. Zedge was popular on feature phones, and an app is available for it at the Google Play Store. A series of updates and modifications have made this the go-to app when you want to access the social network. A list of the best free android apps for beer lovers, which will help you to discover the world of beer. It is no wonder that beer is one of the most popular and revered drinks from around the world. 8.6Untappd is a social network for beer lovers that mixes the elements of Facebook, Google Maps and Foursquare. 1Facebook Messenger: Keep connected with your friends and relatives with this killer social network application.
2Go!Chat for Facebook: A must have application to chat on Facebook using your Android phone. 3Seesmic: Ultimate app for social networking activity on Twitter and Facebook both combine.
8Dish Remote Access for Android: A unique Remote Desktop for Android which provide TV facility on your phone.
13Voice Recorder: This is a handy voice recorder app which is specially design to record voice. 14Tape Talk Voice Recorder: Top Best free voice recorder app for Android with large number feature list. 21T-Mobile Video Chat by Qik: This is premium apps for free for Android devices specially Powered by T-Mobile. I’m looking forward to the compilation of top iOS apps because I’m interested to see if they’re similar to the top Android apps.
We’ve already talked about the top android tablet apps, but not all are free, so what are the best free Android tablets apps in 2013? There are a lot of high quality Android tablet apps that cost money, but there are some very good ones that come for free, too.
Tablified remains of course one of the best free Android tablet apps, simply because it can help you find many other good Android tablet-optimized apps. Evernote is the very popular note taking application, that is also optimized for Android tablets.

The Pulse News app happens to be one of the best free Android tablet apps when it comes to showing you the latest news you are interested in. If you want something more than Google Docs for your Android tablet, then Kingsoft Office should give you want you want. The Moon+ Reader app has a Pro version, too, but the free one should be good enough for everyone.
The SketchBook Express for Tablets is by far one of the best free Android tablet apps that you can use for drawing. Aviary is the maker of many photo editing apps, and their Photo Editor for Android tablets looks great and has many features, too. Now that you’ve seen what are the best free Android tablet apps for May 2013, why don’t you try them out, and see how good they are for yourself? However, there are those applications that have attracted more downloads, or have been more highly reviewed than the rest. However, instead of having individual apps for CNN or BBC, you can use Flipboard app instead. It has a Facebook-branded UI, and offers unique functionality that is meant to keep you engrossed for a long time. With it users can search beers and bars around, see what are the most consumed beers, rate them and explore the recommendations are left by users. Or, want to share your activity and get recommendations based on the tastes of the community; this application is the best option. Pretend your phone is a pitcher of beer, with foam, bubbles and sound effects -tilting and drink it. SharePrice is specially design for UK users to check stock exchange’s price and trades.
I was completely missing this most popular Android App but after Hayden‘s request who is our loyal reader, i added in this list of 200 Most wanted Android Apps.
I’m a personal fan of the MX Player app because I’m a big movie buff, and the UI on this app works well for how often I watch movies on my Android. I’ve read that Songza is an up and coming app for iOS, but the only one iOS app that I know is a big hit with many of my friends is the Dish Remote Access app.
Google hasn’t done a very good job at promoting tablet applications in the Google Play Store, so the next best thing is using this free 3rd party app. Not only can you create text notes with it, but you can also capture images in it, record voice, save recipes, receipts, web pages and so much more. All you have to do is set it up in the beginning, select or add your sources, and then swipe away through different news stories.
It’s a full fledged mobile Office application, that rivals other paid Office apps such as QuickOffice for Android and OfficeSuite Pro. Many Twitter apps are either optimized for phones only, or are not free (which has something to do with Twitter’s new policies).

It’s my favorite ebook reading app, especially, if you want to use your own epub books.
It helps that it’s actually a very beautiful and intuitive app, so checking your e-mail should be a very enjoyable experience.
But with the growth of Android and the evolution of the marketplace to Google Play Store has caused a surge in the number of applications available. It will aggregate news and videos from different sources into a magazine-styled layout that is high on visual appeal. Despite it having ads, it offers a lot of free content that would help you customize your device to any level you like.
No, do not worry, we will not teach you how to use your Android to open a bottle but today we are going to talk about the applications that you can use to learn more about this world, which is not exactly small. Here, you can include a multitude of data: which brands you have tested, where you got it, leave notes, store links for later use, events, etc. This application will tell how much beer you have taken in a certain period of time and when money may be costing you. Here I have chosen Best Free Android apps which makes your phone much value added and Powerful. They say it may even be better than the one I have for Android because it’s just been updated with a faster UI, and it looks superb with the new iPad’s retina display. It can be used to access not only your computer, but also help friends and family with their computer issues.
One of the best choices, if you want a different one from what is provided on stock Android is the Dolphin Browser. I learned of it and Dish’s Sling Adapter when I started working for them, and it’s great for streaming live TV and my DVR recordings.
It’s one of those free Android apps that you never know you needed, until you actually needed it. If you use a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with it, you might get more accurate drawings, thanks to the pressure sensitive pen.
With Gesture and Sonar support, the browser is incredibly popular, full of features, and has robust add-on support.
The app has many security features, and throws in a battery manager as well to ensure efficient power consumption. I feel like I have all of the entertainment I’ll ever need on my Android, and I have it wherever I go.

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