We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. Nothing over than it is only available at the Body Shop, and there is no travel size but I can put it into travel containers. For the Aloe Night Cream: You only need to use a small amount, and it is extremely effective. I can't recall whether The Body Shop is the pioneer to launch the foam cleaser product. The Body Shop Malaysia follows in the footsteps of Dove in the real beauty storytelling by launching a new heartbreaking video, starring a little girl of five or so.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, March 8, and The Body Shop, which has been known for its strong dedication to defending human rights (one of the most well-known campaigns is the global movement aimed at stopping sex trafficking of children and young adults), is launching another project to commemorate the date and help homeless women in Australia improve their lives. The Body Shop cosmetics brand has launched its new Rainforest Hair Care collection, which contains only organic ingredients and is totally safe for the hair of any type.
ECPAT UK and The Body Shop with the support of stars from around the world including Yoko Ono, Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson and Sir Ben Kingsley launched a petition calling for governments to put the safety and wellbeing of young victims of trafficking at the heart of their plans.

One of my fave shops,My top two fave products are The vanilla parfume and The brazil nut body butter absolutely delicious on your skin. Compared to your up market brands, it is relative cheap, but it is certainly more expensive than your supermarket skin care lines. I am sensitive to a lot of products, especially Cleansers, but the Body Shop brand is ideal for my skin, and suitable for those with normal skin. I had skin that dried out very easily, and all other moisturisers I tried were ineffective. The new face of the cosmetics brand is celebrated British singer Leona Lewis, who has seven Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards nominations.
The range has already appeared both online and in retail chain, bringing unique product to the consumers, who strive for naturalness in everything which relates to the beauty products they buy. Instead of masking the problem, this cream has fixed it, and with regular use my skin now very rarely dries out. As the new brand activist, Leona will be spreading awareness of the cruelty-free cosmetics philosophy adopted by The Body Shop and realized through its fair-trade, ethically sourced and 100% plant-based ranges.

Although it might seem expensive for the size, you only need to use a tiny amount, so one pot will last many months. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review.
Plus, the signer has collaborated with the brand to produce a new make-up and fragrance collection.
Being a vegetarian and animal rights activist herself, Leona Lewis is a perfect fit for the new partnership.

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