Something quiet roars within our being, reminding us there is something greater, something more. I have lived nearly three and a half decades now and have witnessed many personal dreams crash and burn, as many other people have seen in their own lives. You see, men, what I have found is often times we ignore this leading, drawing, pulling, pushing, whatever form of physics you want to refer to it as.
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I have watched as precious dreams faded off into wherever they go, passed on to the next person who has the capability, time, and resources to pursue them. No, I am referring to something greater which goes beyond the things we can see, touch, or feel with our fingers. What is beyond the place in our soul that leads us to continue the mundane routine of the “9-5” or whatever it is we all do? The rumbles get louder, the restlessness sets in, and misery never really leaves until we seek out the answer to the drawing. Here is a solid truth regarding that question: It is not how long it took, rather what I was willing to endure to see them come to life. I want to challenge you to let yesterday and all the painful things you have experienced go. This time he teaches you how to fill an ice ball with smoke, that you can then break over your cocktail. How Do I Find the Words?Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad? The dreams that always bring tremendous pain are the one’s just within our reach, right at our fingertips.
We fear being rejected by our families and friends, which, we shouldn’t, because it is our lives to follow.

It is highly unlikely all of our ambitious goals will come to pass on our clock, and, in fact, there is a price to be paid to see those things come to pass.
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After working in jobs I was beyond miserable with, which apparently many Americans can understand, I found myself looking for my own purpose, especially after having seen so many big dreams move on from me and seemingly out of my reach. It is almost as if life had teased us for a moment and snatched them away before we could reach our place. We fear being ignored by everyone which is really never the case, we just need to be heard in the right spaces; It is a noisy world. There is something very powerful that occurs in our lives when we make room for the good, the great, and the longing dream looking for us.
Being rejected or ignored are two of the most psychologically painful actions or non-actions we can endure.

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