Taking into consideration people don’t have lots of time these days to find a partner internet dating seems like the perfect solution. As people flip through profiles they see exactly what the other person wants them to see, is this really a good way to start off?
I like meeting people the old fashion way by doing things I love and enjoy, this way we already have something in common. I had my profile set for a 15 mile radius but my future wife had hers set for 50 and 'winked' me first (we joke that she was more desperate).

I still think the best place to meet potential partners is doing something you enjoy like amateur sports or volunteering.
If I look at my sister who is in her late 20s according to her every relationship she has had started out with a txt or an email. Personally I am not a bar person either, so meeting people in the activites I enjoy and love have there benefits.
So you are correct trouble finding dates is not an issue, if people pursue things they love to do.

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