This a must have guide for anyone contemplating the sales this year – how to survive them with Sale Savvy seasonal tips, as well as a comprehensive list of when the sales actually kick off in stores around the country. Here are the sales dates that have been released so far….Also just to note that Dundrum Town Centre will be open from 10am to 6pm on St Stephens Day. Therefore, you need to devise a marketing strategy that will help you approach those leads in a proper manner. The Sales Funnel, as we know it, has remained unchanged for decades – it’s the sacred cow of sales. But whatever you call it, the Sales Funnel is the foundation of marketing theory and is clung to by sales organizations and sales trainers around the world.
Forrester Research, McKinsey, and others have been touting how Buyer Behavior has changed and the Sales Funnel is dead or dying, but the only people that seem to be listening are marketing departments.
Today, most sales organizations still use outdated Linear Sales Processes that have the customer entering the buying process at the top of the funnel and working their way downward until they make a decision.
And although this analogy worked to some extent 20 years ago, the shortcomings of the methodology are amplified in today’s hap-hazard market where the buyer is in control of how they consume information about your company, your product, and even you. In today’s new world, potential customers aren’t entering the top of the Sales Funnel anymore. Potential customers are controlling their buying process and absorbing information about your products and services, even when they are not in the process of making a purchase decision. They exist in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious areas of the buyer’s mind and influence their purchase decision(s). With that in mind, it’s safe to say that by the time you engage with a potential customer, the customer is not engaging you with a blank slate. In fact, most potential customers are often engaging you near the end of the so-called Sales Funnel and you had better be ready to provide relevant information and insight into their decision.

So, how do you adjust to this strange, new world where everything seems like a convoluted hap-hazard mess?
First, put the sacred cow out to pasture and ditch your old way of selling; where you follow a set process and gauge the sale based on your sales activities. Don’t just buy something that’s in trend now if it’s going to be out in 2011 as you won’t get any wear out of it.
Also wear comfortable clothes that you can easily put on and take off when you’re in the change rooms. Most people shop around 1-2pm so make sure you’re at the shops way before then so you’re not fighting the crowds off. I bet some of you still have items in your wardrobe with sale tags on that have never been worn. For UK retailer websites the item is often cheaper online due to the unrealistic exchange rates they often use in their Irish branches of their shops. You will need to use unique links (the Google Analytics URL Builder is a fantastic tool for this) in your blog to track the blog’s and specific entries’ effectiveness over time.
Comparison blog entries readily translate into sales because they highlight the differences between two competitors. Remember that your product or service must not just have features, but be able to solve problems.
Sometimes people don’t use a product properly and this leads to negative customer reviews on your website or on outside consumer review sites. Web surfers are more likely to trust “people like me” versus a company, so let your users help create compelling blog content.
This is an important step as it will give you a better idea of the types of customers who are most likely to buy your product.

This will help you to improve brand loyalty, build a good image and increase your customers’ satisfaction. There was a time when the idea of a funnel worked for sales, but that was when selling followed a predetermined, linear process. They are controlling their buying process and absorbing information about your products and services, even when they are not in the process of making a purchase decision. The buyer still buys on emotion, and they use the same framework of decision factors to make purchase decisions. They have been actively engaged in their decision journey for some time, and have definite opinions about your product and your brand. If not, expect to or be relegated to the sidelines and watch instead of being in the game influencing their decision. It’s the dialed-in sales person providing value and relevant information that gets the deal. A blog entry that addresses the problem will go a long way to making people comfortable about buying the product. Basically each stage needs to be given importance, as ultimately it will have an impact on whether you manage to sell the product or not. If you try to understand their needs and wishes, you are more likely to promote the product properly, and this will increase your chances of ultimately selling the product. Product or service news is often highlighted on web pages, but such items are also worthy of a blog entry (and a press release, too).

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