As a marketing professional, there’s one thing I’ve learned about landing a new job – how you present your experience can make or break your shot at getting the position.
You’ve established what your skillset is and what career you’re pursuing, but aside from your new website, what sets you apart from other candidates? It may seem urgent to get your website up and ready as soon as possible, but don’t rush the process. If you already have a professional website, feel free to share it in the comment below for other students to view! Whether you're a current student, an alumni, or considering signing up for your first course, your Student Blog offers current news and career advice direct from ed2go.
Yeah, you’re not the only one to do presentations, and Microsoft PowerPoint templates have been around for a while. And guess what, it saves me a huge amount of time when I need to craft business presentations. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, engineering or private equity, this template will help you to design a professional PowerPoint presentation FAST. Second, the logo (top right side), it’s not an obligation to include the logo on each single slide of your PPT presentation. To summarize, you have to prioritize (check out this post to learn exactly how to do just that). I’ve added these pink line shapes to show you that every single of text , photo or data has a dedicated space and is well aligned with the others. PPTPOP ?PPTPOP helps you to craft irresistible pitches that conquer the souls and wallets of your audience. Well if you dona€™t know anything about infographics then dona€™t worry because this in-depth article will guide you step by step to creating and promoting stunning infographics.
In this article you will discover new ideas of creating infographics and some tips which will make your infographic content visually appealing.
There are many important key points you need to remember before you start creating an Infographic.
So even if after knowing what are Infographics, people think that they are always long sized. The reason behind this misconception is that the long sized Infographics are the most common of all. And I am sure this will get exhausting for you as will try to add more content to your Infographic just to fill the blank area.
You must know what type of Infographic you will create and what data or content you will present. Many people have the habit of getting the data at the time when they are designing the Infographic. Not only this, the most important of all you are not providing anything unique unless and until you do not sit and analyze or make your data much better.
This is very lousy and I suggest those people to either buy some stock photography or find some free images before you start creating your images. Creating unique content is hard these days, so you can just collect data from different places and make some changes and updates and finally merge them. Sometimes when you research on something and then present your data and analysis, it is possible that people may ask you some explanations. You must need to understand the information about which you are going to create your Infographic. Also you should know the tools and the software with which you will create the Infographic. As discussed above, creating an Infographic that is viral is really helpful as it gets peoplea€™s attention and ultimately more and more shares.
For example: The Dress, it went really viral all around the world and created a worldwide trend on Twitter.
Suppose you want to create an Infographic about a topic of which you know nothing, then you can simply search that topic on and find other Infographics on that topic. These five points can be converted into your content as what is the goal, how to do, how to make it work, what will you get and mistakes to avoid. Well if you are not as talented that you can design your own elements, then no need to worry about it. So here are some websites where you can find free and paid resources for your Infographics.
Freepik a€“ You can find free Infographic elements, icons, shapes, templates for your Infographics for free. Creative Market a€“ Buy design content like vector patterns, icons, fonts and more at Creative Market. Graphic River a€“ Browse premium design templates and stock graphics for logos, fonts, print design, icons, business cards and much more.
Shutterstock a€“ Provides royalty free images, stock photos, and stock photography for print or web design. Pixeden – Premium and Free Vectors for all your design works that require vector graphics. So if you cannot design elements for Infographics, these websites are enough to get amazing design elements.
Moving on to the most important part, this part will explain you how to create Infographics. After collecting the data, elements and deciding the size and type of the Infographic, you now need to mix them all and create one amazing Infographic. The reason in short is Photoshop doesna€™t have enough pixels to render small text smoothly. Just remember these points to make your Infographic much better and effective so that it gets more shares. If you dona€™t want to create Infographics using any software, then there are many online tools with which you can create good Infographics. In the next part, I will show you some methods to make your Infographic visually appealing. Assuming that you published your Infographic on your blog, now we will discuss things which you need to do after publishing your Infographic.
It is simply a snippet with Html code which can be copied and added on some other website to display the infographic. There are some more tricks which I use to bring traffic to blog posts and you can do the same for Infographics.

Also refer to this Infographic to get more idea to share your Infographics more effectively.
The most important steps you need to follow to make your Infographic going viral are to share on social media and submit it to directories. A post by Content Marketing Institute gives 21 steps that will help you make your Infographic go viral.
The steps involved to make your Infographic go viral are simple but should be executed carefully with proper planning.
Ahfaz Ahmed is a young entrepreneur who loves to write on various topics related to Graphic and Web Design. Small, quick breaks throughout the day can refresh employees and keep them productive, so no one is suggesting you completely ban social media at the office. You should be reviewing your policies on a regular basis, but if you keep these tips in mind you will have some leeway.
If your website doesn’t look professional, employers likely won’t take you seriously as a candidate. Whether you’re a computer programmer or a writer, you should still present your work experience sans errors.
That’s getting one step closer to designing professional PowerPoint layouts that work for you.
If your logo is very colorful or complex (harder to match with0, just put it on your cover slide. Keep it simple: some people will say, but, my PPT is too technical, I can’t delete half of the content in here! Paris and currently living in Shanghai where I've spent the last 6 years shipping marketing strategies for big companies. You may have heard of the word a€?Infographica€? or you may even know what it is, but do you know how to create one.
Suppose you want to display some information quickly and clearly, then Infographic is the best way to do it.
These reasons also show that Infographic marketing is still alive and one can benefit from it. These things are to be taken care of or else your Infographic will suck and ultimately it will be wasted.
One of the most common misconceptions is that people think that Infographic are long sized design.
And to decide which type is perfect for you NeoMam Studios created an Infographic regarding this problem.
It is better to first collect all the data and elements you will use for the design and then create the Infographic. Even if you have great content but your images on the Infographic are of low quality, then your Infographic is a waste. You can find tons of images and vectors for Infographics which are good and are of high quality. As we discussed in the above points, not providing unique information can cause your own bad. If you are new to graphic design, then you must see some examples of good, simple and amazing Infographics. If people want some information about something then an Infographic is helpful for them and you too.
In a case study, people mostly add their goal, what they did, how it worked, what they achieved and what mistakes they made. This method is very effective when you are tired of searching perfect content for your Infographic. The things you should include in the survey are: their thought on the topic, what can be done, how it helped in the past, how it can help more.
I think you wona€™t find much difficulty in finding content for your Infographic and even if you do, then these points will help you. There are many sources from which you can find elements like vectors, shapes and many other things and that too for free. There isna€™t any tutorial here but the basics which you need to know for creating Infographics. If you want to know more about why we should not use Photoshop from Infographic design, then you must read Timo Leugea€™s post where he explains everything clearly. Colors should be chosen in a right way as they give both conceptual and emotional impressions. While publishing an Infographic, one needs to keep in mind several steps which will help the Infographic get good response. But once it is shared, there are chances its goes viral depending upon the persona€™s social profile.
As he said, just search a€?your infographicsa€? on Fiverr and you fill find many gigs which offer to share your Infographics on their websites.
Now in the last section, we will discuss some key points that will help you make your Infographic go viral. Most of them are same as discussed above but some points are discussed below which you need to know. Writing a press release and submitting it to different directories can bring in a lot of traffic and social shares.
This is also an effective way as there are chances that some of them will add it to their own website.
It’s a fraction of what we do (cynics may think it is all HR does), but often it’s necessary.
Unfortunately, with the ups and downs of each day personal posts can reflect negatively on your organization. There are policies out there you can find and modify for your own purposes or Willory’s consulting team can get you started and maybe even finished depending on your needs. Let me know and we can work together to create one that works for all levels of your organization. If you think you have what it takes to create your own website, but don’t have the skills, consider enrolling in a web design or development course to learn the skills needed.
Contact information is most important, followed closely by a downloadable version of your resume, and a professional portfolio. What areas or skills are you most known for, and how can you further exhibit your expertise to web visitors?

Using these shapes while working on a PowerPoint slide is a good way to ensure perfect alignment.
Bonus: The Non-Sucky Persuasion Toolkit that includes, in between other things, the 19 human desires that are responsible for more sales than all other human wants combined. Sign up here to learn how to build copy, pitches and presentations that persuade and make you more money.
Publishers who used Infographics in their content have grown their traffic 12% better than others. Infographics communicates information more effectively because it can communicate large amounts of data more easily and in a short span of time.
This is most important factor which makes Infographics much better than any other form of content. Ita€™s beyond that and this part will uncover those key points with some good tips and tricks. This will help you choose the perfect size otherwise either you will have very less or very much content to add. People add amazing images in their Infographics but they are of low quality because they may be copyrighted. It is rather helpful because you have combined different data or information from different sources and are presenting in one piece.
So if cannot handle such situations it is better that you do a good research on your topic carefully and verify your data and then add it. So if you create an Infographic on something that is really viral then it will benefit you. Later after publishing the Infographic, it will be easy for you to get those same people engaged.
If these steps are not followed correctly then your Infographic will not be as effective as you wished it to be.
This will save your time as after publishing the Infographic you need not search where to share it and where not to. The day when you publish your Infographic, share it on Facebook groups and pages, share on google plus communities, pin it on Pinterest, share on Reddit, Flipboard, Twitter.
Once you have enough points, you can add your content for sharing by selecting the number of points for one share.
You must plan all your social media sharing strategies carefully and then execute them step by step. As you know, HR needs to be proactive about policies and that includes policies about social media. Posts like “I am having the worst day,” or “The people I work with are crazy” do not align with the corporate face you want to show. You will need to take into consideration some legal precedence’s and HR-related issues people have had (including but hopefully not yourself) and map out what’s needed for your organization. A proactive company policy still in place from 2005 may still have verbiage that refers to MySpace and Friendster – two essentially defunct social platforms. This of course includes putting the business in the best possible light and at the very least not detracting from a businesses’ brand.
Another “nice to have” is results you’ve achieved or data points that further illustrate your successes. Making your page accessible before it’s complete may lead employers to think you’re not thorough or are unlikely to finish what you start.
This way of representation of data using Infographics is very helpful because it avoids reading of tons of paragraphs or data.
Also if your Infographic is good, then other people will add it to their website and give a backlink to your website.
Humans remember 20% of what they hear, 30% what they see andA 70% of what they hearA and see. Once it gets attention of social media, journalists and big influencers, then it can go viral and get tons of shares. You can of course create an Infographics which are not viral but those will not be shared as the ones which are viral. If you fail to do this, then your web page will load slowly and eventually no one will wait to read your Infographic. You can follow this step after publishing your Infographic but it is better you do this before publishing. But let me explain it here simply for those who find difficulties in adding an embed code to their websites. Just remember one thing, without planning your Infographic will neither look cool nor will it go viral.
This post might have cleared your basics and now you just need to use your own ideas and designing skills to make your Infographic a hit.
And if you don’t have a policy in place you can’t prevent (or worst case punish) this behavior. In essence, be it on personal or corporate social media profiles, your employees are acting as representatives of your organization on social media. Be concise, don’t write long sentences you’ll have difficulty (and your audience too) to read. Find a balance between the image size and resolution so that after reducing the size, the resolution and quality of the Infographic remains high or good. Ask your friend or someone in your home to check the spellings and grammar of the sentences or text of your Infographic. And if you are not getting ideas to design an amazing Infographic then you can use templates. And if you do not have a social media policy in place you may just be setting yourself up for disaster. Blue and pink are the same colors I use in my slide content for important figures and keywords. I prefer asking someone else because sometimes we spell something wrong and think it is right.

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