I offer a discount of 20p per bookmark  and card (any selection of designs) when your cart total reaches ?15. Tags: bookmark, christian bookmarks, Christian card, christian poems, Christian verse, encouragement poem, encouragement poems, inspirational poems, inspirational verse, pastoral card, pastoral gift, thinking of you.
This is a lovely way to encourage and uplift someone by reminding them that they are in your thoughts, and also that God sees all that they do. If you have a use for lots of bookmarks in your personal or your church pastoral ministry, please note that I offer a discount of 20p per bookmark and card when your cart total reaches ?15 (can be various designs).

SHIPPING ONLY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN UK, BUT DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO ALL CUSTOMERS AS SHIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED! Today morning, when I woke up, I smiled without any reason, then I realized that I’m thinking about you.
If you have your own thinking of you poems or quotes, just you can share that with others by writing in the comment box below. Or even, a happy married husband thinking of his wife when she went somewhere for a week or month vacation.

In this article we bring down the thinking of you poems and quotes which is really worth to read.

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