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Als u doorgaat met deze website te gebruiken zonder het wijzigen van uw cookie-instellingen of u klikt op "Accepteren" onder aan de pagina dan bent u akkoord met deze instellingen. Make it appealingDesign is a main component of any presentation and can truly make it or break it. If you include multimedia items, make sure to embed them in the slide and keep them inline with your presentation.3.

Create ValueWhat’s the point in doing a presentation if you can’t give your audience any takeaways? Grab their attention and engage them with interesting, substantial, even shocking content, but make sure it’s meaningful. You should also keep emotion in mind and consider how you want your audience to feel at the end of your presentation. Just as we do with websites, test your material until you find something that works for both you and your audience. If we can use what we know about website engagement and recreate it in the form of a presentation, we can hopefully have a room full of people walk away as believers.
All too often, we are relieved that the stress of presenting is over and then just move on.
The same principles we use to create an effective website can also be applied to your next presentation.
Instead, try new things and monitor your audience’s interest, and you will evolve as a presenter. Always save time for questions and comments at the end of your presentation and use that feedback.

Have a planJust as you have a blueprint for how visitors should proceed through your site, and in turn, the funnel, map out how you want your presentation to flow. Keep in mind your end goal as well as your audience’s, and walk them through the steps to get there. It’s been said that Steve Jobs, presenter extraordinaire, would rehearse for two full days before each presentation.The most important thing to remember is to use your slides as a supplement, not a script. You are the storyteller—your presentation should just enhance it.What are your tips for creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations? Your audience will be more inclined to engage if they feel that you are speaking to them directly and not just using the same canned presentation. Compare to aural and textual form, visuals stick in long-term memory thus, increasing better content recall.

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