Recently the famous web design and online marketing company GlobalWebFx released the list of top 10 worst websites of 2013. Below we can see this list of top 10 worst websites, some of them may be the worst websites ever. Again, this website is honored into Top 10 worst website list, like what it used to be in the every of last 10 years.
Personally I think the worst website is, which is the officail website of booking train tickets, made by the Ministry of Railway of China. Just wanted to let you know that your links on this page point to the wrong websites as referenced by the GlobalWebFx. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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Suprisingly, websites of web design companies like Parkside Technologies, Designs 23 and Arcata Web Design are in this list. What is funny is that not only this website was made by so called professional web designers, but also do they sell their concept of this design style. The Flash animations on the site do not even work with mobile devices at all, and when your first come into the page, the music starts automatically and you can barely find the place to shut it down. This website must be done by the designer for porpose of showing all kinds of bad design examples in web design.
It is impossible to get the information you may need as these colors would fry your eye balls first.
The reason why it is the worst website is not only the shitty performance of the site, but is that it cost RMB 190,000,000, which is over USD 30,000,000!

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