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This review of Top Thai Dating sites will take a look at the sites that feature prominently in online searches for Thai Dating and seek to offer some advice for foreigners using these sites to date Thai women. In deciding what makes a top Thai dating site for this review I thought I would generate the subject sites based on their popularity using most people’s favourite search engine, that way no one can accuse me of being biased. In each sites review you will find a link to their landing page and an extract of what the site says about itself there. I have also included my own observations about ease of navigation to relevant information and anything else I consider important on the way the site works. The information about paid membership is quite limited and makes no mention of the fees involved. Mike Rose is a seasoned world traveller who won a blogging award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Despite what you might think to the contrary, Thais are quite conservative, when it comes to dress code. Thai Girls.Searching for single Thai girls, Asian women or so called brides for relationship or marriage?
About the best selling point of Thai Love Lines is that it’s significantly cheaper than Thai Love Links, and the annual membership plan is especially attractive. This site is pretty much identical to Thai Love Links, except that there are ladies from a much wider range of Asian countries. The site has some pretty basic features, but there are a good number of Thai girls on the site.
So whatever you do, don’t send money to anyone you meet on this site, and take care to weed out the non-marriage material.
So there are the five Thai dating sites that are worth considering if you want to find a Thai bride on the internet.
Disclaimer: I have affiliate relationships with some of these websites, which means that they pay me commission should you sign up to them using links on this site.
The review focuses on the features available before you sign-up to a specific site, things that might well influence a potential customer and not the user experience after joining.

We have lots of fresh Thai singles looking for new friends or to start a new relationship with a western guy who is interested in this beautiful country known as the land of smiles.
Free members have to wait between sending messages but are able to read all messages they receive and there are no limits on sending interest to members or comments.
He has a good knowledge of Thailand, its people and culture as well as issues that effect expats living in Thailand. He is also a keen amateur wildlife photographer, with a strong interest in the Birds of Thailand.. The Numbers Game has allowed me to hook up with extremely hot girls, and many more of them, then I would have been able to do otherwise.
Our Asian Dating site is a free Dating service with profiles of real Thai girls and women not ads placed by agencies which you find on many other sites. Here are my recommendations for the best Thai dating sites worth using, plus my main reasons for recommending them.
Well firstly there are loads of members, and it’s easy to find girls who you want to chat to. This is the best site to use if you want to find professional English speaking Thai girls who have reasonable careers and who could easily get a decent job after marriage. The search engine is fantastic and helps you find that beautiful needle in the haystack of hundreds of thousands of Thai single ladies.
However, what I find attractive about Thai Professional is that they offer an all inclusive matchmaking service. In fact, do enough searching and you’ll no doubt come across girls who have profiles on Thai Love Links or Thai Love Lines.
It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are loads of scammers and undesirable ladies on this site. But be rest assured that I only establish relationships with companies whose services I would be happy to use and pay for myself. I have included all the main stream sites that appeared on the first page of the search results. Translation.Everything on our website is available in both Thai and English as well as other languages.

I’m only a free member of this site, and I rarely log in, but I get plenty of interests from lovely Thai girls. Of course there are also plenty of girls who just want to be loving and devoted housewives. The matchmaking feature also does a good job of highlighting girls that you might be interested in. If you’re an older American guy in particular then the scammers will be particularly interested in you.
The site has plenty of members, and there are the usual searching and matchmaking features.
However, if you’re not sure you want to go for a Thai bride, then join Asian Dating instead. For a fixed fee you can visit a number of their Thai ladies in Thailand, then get help with your marriage plans and subsequent visa application so that you can get your new Thai bride back to live with you in your own country.
The good thing about them is that if you spot them on DateInAsia then you can chat to them for free! I tried to look for some ladies worth visiting in China, but all I found were crazy ladies and hookers! I am a Platinum member of a number of the Cupid Media dating sites, and I have actually visited ladies I found on the dating sites. There are plenty of useful list features that allow you to spot girls who are interested in you, and you can easily keep track of all your favorite girls.
And they’re joined by tens of thousands of lovely ladies from Thailand and China as well. Also disable the chat facility and set your online status to offline, so that random Thais don’t pop up and start chatting to you. You’ll also find exotic oriental ladies from other countries you might not have considered, like Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

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