Mit Worry-Free Business Security Services entscheiden Sie sich für eine gehostete Sicherheitssoftware. 750 MBDies ist die Mindestvoraussetzung für freien Festplattenspeicher zur Installation des Agent. Wo kann ich Hilfe und Ratschläge von anderen Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services Kunden bekommen? Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard provides fast, effective, and simple-to-manage protection.
For the past two years, more small businesses worldwide have trusted Trend Micro for their content security than any other provider. Worry-Free Business Security Standard allows you to use your PCs and Macs without fear of interruption or data loss. Worry-Free Business Security Standard stops threats before they can even reach your business.
Smart Protection Network Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a cloud-based security infrastructure that rapidly and accurately collects and identifies new threats, delivering instant protection for data wherever it resides. First off, Worry-Free 7.0 is backed by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, so it's expected to prevent security threats before they even happen.

There is also a data-loss prevention feature tucked in the software, preventing sensitive information from being shared via USB or over email, the flagship feature of 7.0.
Das bedeutet: Die Software ist nicht lokal auf Ihrem Server installiert, sondern in den Rechenzentren von Trend Micro.
Wie ein aufmerksamer Nachbar behält es den Dateneingang Ihrer Unternehmensrechner im Auge. Clients ohne Internetverbindung können die Funktion zur Intelligenten Suche nicht nutzen. Specially designed for small businesses, it is an easy-to-use solution that provides complete user security for everyone on staff.
It was developed specifically for small business people, easy enough for a non-IT person to use. While the software has lofty system requirements and a hefty install size of 7GB, Trend Micro promises that because its software runs in the background your normal routines will not be affected.
Not to mention that definition updates are stored either on your business' local server or remotely by Trend Micro. For even further protection, Worry-Free aims to defend your employees against harmful websites and dangerous emails through its URL filter and multi-layer and POP3 antispam tools for email, respectively.

Unless, of course, you're looking for antispam protection over Microsoft Exchange or 7.0's new data protection over email, then you'll have to pony up. According to the company, Worry-Free is specifically designed for businesses with limited IT staff and boils down the nitty-gritty of security reports and status updates into information the average user can understand. In other words, Trend Micro doesn't want you to worry about massive updates weighing down your machines.
Most importantly, the advanced edition of Worry-Free is now on Mac OS, providing protection for iMacs and MacBooks as well as Mac servers for those fancy businesses that have gone all-Apple.
Cyberkriminelle, die über drahtlose Netzwerke an Ihre Firmendaten gelangen wollen, haben keine Chance, Ihre Rechner auszuspionieren.
Diese greifen in der Cloud darauf zu, gleichen aktuelle Bedrohungen ab und verhindern deren Zugriff auf Ihre Computer.
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