You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The UHT90 is the first and only motorized dewar cart in the world that meets all of those objectives, and at the same time provides a state of the art operator safety control system. In the interest of full disclosure, One Mile At A Time earns a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the below links. But the most useful thing is that UberX in LA is really cheap (which is true in many other cities as well). I believe the driver gets 80% of the fare, meaning in this instance the driver gets $14.62.
I’m all for the free market and that driving down prices, but is there such a thing as a ride being so cheap that you feel guilty? Maybe I just need to get over myself, but I do sort of feel guilty every time I take UberX in LA, and feel like I should tip. They agree to drive for UberX and accept your ride, how would you be taking advantage of them?
There are rough business models and deals in the miles and points world that we take advantage of all the time, even though we know it’s a bad long-term business strategy on the part of whatever credit card company gave that too generous offer, or whatever store is allowing reload funding through credit cards. In panama I was stuck in a traffic jam inside an Uber for 2 hours and we pretty much did not move.
Tipping is one of the reasons that Uber can continue to lower the rates that they pay and creates a market distortion. My uberx dude in NYC said he makes close to $50 an hour…but I think the rates are little better there then in LA.
I never tip on surge since I think that is where they make their non tip rides back…but I will tip 2-3 bucks if the driver is really cool or if it is a really short trip. I take a *lot* of UberPool in LA, usually pairing up with a co-rider about a third of the time. Next time you are on a regional jet, remember that your first officer is more than likely making about the same as that UberX driver. It used to be $20 an hour (before counting expenses) but after all the price slashing it’s just not worth it for me to drive anymore. Plus a lot of my Ubers are for work, and it’s great I have an electronic record of the ride as a receipt.
I pay surge pricing way too often to feel bad about the prices they make when it isn’t surge.
Looks like Ben needs some traffic for the site today, which is why the hot topic of tipping has emerged again.

The next time your inside of an uber X, ask yourself, would I do this for the same rates as these drivers are being paid? Despite a weekend that saw the Philadelphia Parking Authority impound the cars of five UberX drivers and fine them $1,000 each, the ride-sharing service is still operating in Philly and has no plans to stop, a spokesman told Billy Penn Monday.
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Still, they’re so much better than the taxi industry, which has been run like a government organization for far too long due to the lack of competition.
Once you arrive at your destination, your fare is automatically charged to your credit card on file — there’s no need to tip. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences.
When I arrived at my destination I was sweating thinking that I was gonna pay a huge sum of money. The price is the price, and I don’t understand why it is expected to tip certain service providers, but not others.
There are also drivers out there who would give a lower rating for not having received a tip.
The rates here are high enough that I don’t feel as though the drivers are severely underpaid in most circumstances (that is not the case in pretty much every other city where Uber operates where I almost always tip). Uber profits when they hit such a critical mass in a city that they dominate the market share, they achieve this by massively undercutting existing services. You might like to live in Kuwait where all meat cuts or vegetables are sold for one price: Filet mignon equals hamburger meat( not applicable to super markets catered to westerners). But where I am confused is at restaurants where you line up to order and then seat yourself with a number which someone uses to drop off your food. I’s so good now when tipping is not expected and Uber has not been yet contaminated with that toxic American tipping culture. Please check out my advertiser policy for further details about our partners, including American Express and Citi, and thanks for your support! As a point of comparison, LA taxis charge $2.70 per mile, so UberX costs a third as much as a taxi. But at the same time that takes some of the value out of Uber for me, as one of the things which makes it so awesome is that it’s cashless.

I live in Brooklyn, so if I drag an Uber driver there at a weird time when Manhattan is fairly busy but my neighborhood is not, I tip as I know there is a decent chance of them driving fareless back to Manhattan. But they work with no benefits and incentives which is much better than those who are on government handouts and shoot up drugs with booze and have kids that society has to raise. However, the consequence of some people doing that is that it will gradually become compulsory for everyone to tip, and compulsory tipping is false advertising at best. Without boring you with all cost involved, just know that the driver actually only receives 55-60% of a minimum fare. 26 by the Philadelphia Parking Authority resulted in the impoundment of five vehicles operating under the UberX service. I also tip, as others have mentioned, for short distance trips that take a long time as Uber fares are way distorted to underpay the driver in that circumstance. That’s why I feel obliged to tip when I feel like the rate I was charged is simply untenable for the driver to have any chance of making money. In some cases, depending on distance and time, the driver can make upto 60-70% of the fare.
Even if you grant that the drivers sign up to work the service, that’s just not enough money. We did only moved like two blocks before I canceled the trip and decided to walk, but I was in that Uber for two hours! You are using this company’s services, therefore you are perpetuating the need for an (this) employee. In addition, I have come to the conclusion that the only way this kind of thing is becoming the norm is that no one budgets or pays their bills anymore. The rates weren’t always this low, but uber controls the app and sets the prices, without justification or warning to the driver.
They drive because it’s still better than not having enough to feed their families until they can find another job or in hopes that uber will eventually raise rates again. You will never hear this from your driver from fear of receiving low ratings from passengers. So naturally they want you have the best experience during your ride besides the fact that they actually enjoy what their doing. He did go out of his way to pick you up and send you to your destination, were a regular cab would have declined the ride knowing you were only going a mile down the road.

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