This is a League of Legends Blog hosting the latest in League of Legends news and strategy guides. Continue reading for an in-depth look, complements of Riot's promo site and the PBE, of this beastly new skin! To save us the trouble of combing the PBE for all the information ( which you can find at the bottom of the post ), Riot has launched an impressive mini-site containing the details of Spirit Guard Udyr.
Purchasing Spirit Guard Udyr will net you not one, but four summoner icons and profile banners - one for each stance!

As we've expected, Spirit Guard Udyr will initially be 1950 RP for the first four days after his release then go up to his normal 3250 RP price point. While this new ultimate skin won't be available on live servers until next patch, it IS now available for testing on the PBE! Here are a comparison's of the rank 1 vs rank 5 stance models, along with his voice over reel and some in game footage.
Here is his full voice over, including unique clips that play when you slay Dragon, Baron, and Vilemaw.

Continue reading for an indepth look, complements of Riot's promo site and the PBE, of this beastly new skin! Just under a year has passed since the release of our first ultimate tier skin, Pulsefire Ezreal - the skin that some would argue set a new standard in the League's visual department.

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