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Menopause is the final menstrual period (FMP) and it marks the end of the woman’s child-bearing years. Estrogen is viewed as a staple of femininity, while testosterone signifies masculine traits. For women, menopausal systems can include depression, lower energy and reduced sexual desire.
Menopausal treatments often focus on treating physical symptoms, such as dryness or hot flashes. Despite intense workouts, rises in underarm fat and drops in muscle tone may affect self-image.
Changes to hormone levels are unique and determine the extent of testosterone replacement for each woman.
Since men produce T in greater amounts, many males turn to testosterone boosters during ‘manopause’.

Oral T supplements may cause drops in HDL cholesterol that offset heart benefits from replacing estrogen. Christine is a self-proclaimed apple pie connoisseur with a small obsession with all things giraffes.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Every girl when she is born already has the finite number of oocytes, or eggs, to last her child-bearing years and she will obtain no new ova after birth. Unfortunately, estrogen and progesterone do little to restore libido that suffers from menopause.
Testosterone is helpful to restoring sensation in the nipples and clitoris for sexual arousal. Those with typically active lifestyles may notice declines in endurance and drops in strength.
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Topics that are covered by graphics and text include basic anatomy of the female reproductive system, the role of estrogen, hot flashes vaginal mucosa changes and the menstrual cycle.
Prescriptions that replace these hormones but do not address low T can increase imbalances.
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