The Fiat and trying to make the mystery of pickup Toro , but the internet does not let a few secrets are kept. The images show the painted pickup red, in a completely different shade of red wine that promises to be the launch color. According to official information from the automaker itself, the truck will have 4.91 meters in length , positioning above the Fiat Strada and Renault Duster Oroch, but below the Chevrolet S10 and Ford Ranger . The rear booking one of the great new features of the truck: the hopper lid opens sideways, like the doors of a cupboard . The finish seems to be quite similar to the Renegade, with leather and hard plastic fittings and good . Prices will be made official in closest launch date, but we estimate that vary from R $ 70,000 to R $ 115,000 considering both engines, and the diesel versions will depart from R $ 90,000.
Above Freedom entry-level version, the Fiat Toro will feature a high-end configuration named Volcano .
The official list of standard and optional equipment of the truck shall be disclosed only in February, with the official launch.

In a promotional video of Toro with the Star Wars franchise , Fiat revealed that the model will support handles on the front column. After having appeared in several sightings too, little and to any camouflage inside and outside the factory , the automaker released an official image that point in some information from top version of Volcano line . The photo of the back reveals many of the details that the automaker is still trying to hide: this version is named Freedom and, it seems, model input to be and will feature six-speed automatic transmission .
Regarding the top version, the car loses caught chrome accents on the sides and has wheels with different design. The aim is to facilitate access to the load compartment, and fall, reducing the weight of the cover. Apparently, however, this picture (below) must have been made in a Toro Volcano, the high-end configuration. In addition to different standard items, the completona pickup will have a different mechanical set. Because it is derived from SUV Renegade the intention of the maker is that Toro is a pickup with good load capacity, but also space and comfort for passengers .

Fiat ensures that Toro will load capacity above 1,000 kg, which accredits to be equipped with turbo-diesel engine. The Volcano version will reverse camera, chrome trim, parking sensors and door opening system and keyless start. The strategy is similar to that of Renault with the launch of Duster Oroch , the truck-based SUV Duster .
As a teaser released by the automaker revealed in this configuration the truck takes nine automatic transmission speeds, more modern, and traction is integral . Standard on all versions, the hopper lid will have electronic direct drive on the big Fiat logo placed in the center.

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