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ProudUmmah is an initiative that intends to provide a 360 degrees solution to all the Haj and Umrah travel needs. The industry of Hajj and Umrah grows at a rate of 6-7% per annum, and more than 7 million people take the pilgrimage every year. On the business front, they wish to quickly diversify their offerings so as to maintain a healthy competitive advantage.

ProudUmmah also recently won the at the Best Internet Startup Award at an event organized by SiliconIndia.
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Abid Khan, an ex-Googler thought of providing the best possible service to the Muslim community and developed this idea. Their services are not just limited to the travel kit and travel agents database, which they plan to make more and more qualitative and responsive. They have several other initiatives in terms of how to provide a 360 degrees solution in each aspect of the pilgrimage, and help automate some of the essential aspects of the pilgrimage.

They’re having the first mover’s advantage, and they would quickly build on that, and move forward.

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